22 baby names parents weren't brave enough to use

scared baby

A Mumsnet survey has revealed the top names that parents were afraid to use for their child. Would you be brave enough?

1. Isis


Let's face it: if you ask people what they think of when they hear Isis, the chances of them saying “the Egyptian moon goddess!” or “that great Bob Dylan song!” are slim. These days, you hear Isis, you think extremist militants. Or, of course, the dog in Downton Abbey… who died.

2. Demelza


The character won our hearts in Poldark, and the name itself conjures images of wild moors and windswept hair. But ask yourself this: what if your daughter eschews cheesecloth and henna in favour of hardwearing fabrics and practical ponytails? What if, rather than riding horses across hilltops as the dawn breaks, she spends her weekends potholing, or hosting board game tournaments? For the unromantic, romantic names can be a heavy burden.

3. Araminta

ross and carol

Google says that common nicknames include 'Minty' and 'Minnie'. Friends fans will know that the latter was famously vetoed by Ross.

4. Jago


A Cornish name that's been in use since the 13th century. Unlike the Cornish pasty, however, this hasn't, perhaps, stood the test of time. Plus, your son would blame you for the fact that he'd have to spell it out at least three times a week for the rest of his life.

5. Tiger


Unless you're certain that your child is destined for a career as a professional wrestler, don't do it.

6. Delilah


In the Bible, Delilah tempted Samson with her temptress ways and then cut off his hair (aka his source of power) for money. Not cool, Delilah. Not cool.

7. Persephone

lucy watson

To all the Persephones of this world: apologies. Mumsnetters are united in the opinion that this name is just too 'poncy'.

8. Beat

beat it

Imagine having a baby called Beat. The phrase 'drop the beat' would take on a whole new meaning.

9. Antigone


Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus. Yep – the guy who married his mother.

10. Loveday


Despite being AMAZING at University Challenge, Loveday has yet to win Mumsnetters over.

11. Maggie


There's only one Maggie, as far as Mumsnetters are concerned – and they still haven't forgiven her for the whole milk-snatching debacle.

12. Indiana


Really, there can be only one Indiana. Plus, if you use it, you're liable to find yourself thinking 'ooh Harrison Ford' – which again isn't appropriate when it's your child you're talking about.

13. Bear

polar bear

See “Tiger”.

14. Leilani

lilo and stitch

Leilani is a Hawaiian name that means 'heavenly flower'. Frankly, that's like asking fate to bless you with a screaming, colicky, non-sleeper.

15. Viking


Yes, vikings are cool. No, that doesn't mean you should name your baby after them.

16. Ysatis



17. Cicero


Cicero was a Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, and consul. He's also a character in Skyrim who's described as a 'lethal jester and keeper of Night Mother's coffin'. Just saying.

18. Decimus


While Gladiator fans may wish to pay homage to Crowe's famous character, it's worth bearing in mind that the name has generally been used to acknowledge the fact that the bearer was his mother's 10th child. Although on reflection, if you have 10 children, you've earned the right to use whatever name you like.

19. Oak


Only Oakie Doke can pull such a name off – and even he needed a pun to make it work.

20. Peregrine


Peregrine would no doubt get on very nicely with Persephone.

21. Cobalt

don't go there

Don't let celebrities fool you: colours are not names.

22. Urban

not cute

What the gif says.

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