Baby names inspired by winter

winter baby names

There are cool baby names and then there are baby names inspired by the cool. If your baby is due at this time of year you might be considering a moniker to go with the season. We've pulled together a number of ideas for winter babies, inspired by everything from the festive to the freezing.

Baby names that reference snow

Names inspired by wintry weather are incredibly evocative and great if you're looking for something slightly unusual for your yuletide bundle of joy.

For girls:

  • Snow – an obvious choice but a brave one
  • Aspen – a good unisex option. And aspen is a tree but it's also the name of a rather chic ski resort in Colorado
  • Alaska – sticking with geographical ideas, you don't get much more snowy than Alaska
  • Neve (or Niamh) – both are derived from the word 'snow'
  • Olwen – means 'white footprint' in Welsh
  • Lumi – meaning snow in Finnish
  • Gwendolen – another Welsh name, meaning 'white circle'
  • Eirwen – meaning 'white as snow'

And for boys:

  • Frost – inspired by the poet Robert Frost, but a great name for a winter baby boy
  • Crispin – deep and Crispin even? No?… OK
  • Yukio – Japanese for snow

'Nature' names for winter babies

Feeling chilly yet? If you want to branch out from snow scenes, you could always go for 'Branch', which is apparently a name though we won't be putting any bets on it making the top 10 next year. Here are a few slightly more 'quotidien' names to ponder.

For girls:

  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Wren

For boys:

  • Douglas (as in fir)
  • Robin (or Robyn for girls)
  • Quilo – refers to the North Wind in Roman mythology. Though we should warn that calling a baby anything that references 'wind' may be asking for trouble
  • Storm – was originally a boy's name but now becoming more unisex.

Literary wintry names

winter baby names

If you like a little culture with your baby names book, why not go for something inspired by a wintry play or novel?

You could go Shakespearean for a girl with a name such as Viola or Olivia (both from Will's festively themed Twelfth Night. There's sadly not much 'wintry' about The Winter's Tale but there is a Perdita in it – a lovely choice for a baby girl. Or you could go with Bear (as in “exit pursued by a”).

Here are a few more names inspired by winter fiction:

  • Clara – from The Nutcracker
  • Tim (as in Tiny) or even Ebeneezer if you're plumping for unusual – from A Christmas Carol
  • Kay – for Kay Harker in John Masefield's The Box of Delights
  • Peter, Edward, Susan or Lucy for a future King of Queen of Narnia

For something more with the zeitgeist, perhaps Elsa to reference the Snow Queen herself, or you could go for a 'winter is coming' Game of Thrones name with a baby Sansa, Arya or Bron. Maybe not a Joffrey – you'll only be storing trouble up for yourself later on.

Biblical names for a Christmas baby

Of course, if you like the idea of a name inspired by a story, you could do worse than a name from The Greatest Story Ever Told:

  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Gabriel
  • Casper (the braver among you may consider Melchior or Balthasar too – did Balthasar Getty no harm)

And there are plenty of names inspired by the Nativity but less directly related. How about:

  • Angel
  • Joy (or even Comfort – perhaps not both)
  • Christian (obvs)
  • Natalia – coming from 'Christmas Day' in Latin
  • Carol – classic but Christmassy

Or, if you fancy referencing the star in the East, there is an embarrassment of star-related names:

  • Aster
  • Stella
  • Seren
  • And of course, simply, Star

Other winter cast members

winter baby names

There are lots more characters associated with winter who might offer inspiration for your baby name:

  • Rudolph, or Donna for reindeer name checks. There's a rich seam here, but you'd have to be quite brave to go for Dasher or Dancer
  • Jack (as in Frost)
  • Nicholas
  • Demeter, who, in Greek mythology brought on winter through grieving for her daughter Persephone who spent four months of each year in the Underworld

More names with a frosty feel

  • North – it worked for the Kardashians
  • Yule
  • Noel (or Noela or Noelle for a girl)
  • January – increasing in popularity thanks largely to Mad Men's January Jones
  • And finally… Winter. Because sometimes you just need a Ronseal option