Baby names inspired by summer

Summer baby names

Expecting this summer or just a lover of the heat? Whatever your affinity to the season, these baby names inspired by summer could help you decide what you'll call your future child.

Nature names for summer babies

Summer baby with daisies

Andy Williams may have been singing about Christmas when he said 'it's the most wonderful time of the year', but summer will always be the nicest time to be outdoors. If you're pregnant in the warmer months, put down your baby book and head outside for ideas from your surroundings. To get you started, we've collected some of the prettiest summer baby names for boys and girls, inspired by nature.

  • Oceana – a girls name derived from Greek mythology
  • Coral – just don’t stress them out…
  • Arnav – this boy’s name is Hindu for ocean
  • Cove – a seaside inlet or a small bay on the shoreline of the sea; or the perfect name for a summer baby boy?
  • Brooklyn/Brooke – although it may conjure thoughts of coffee drinking hipsters to some, Brooklyn is actually an old English word for one who ‘lives by water’. It's now often taken as a boy's name, with Brooke as its female counterpart. Is there anything more summery than a babbling brook after all?
  • Tallulah – a Native American girl's name, meaning ‘leaping water’
  • Jasmine – a classic summer scent, and the perfect baby name for a girl
  • Daisy – this floral moniker comes from an Old English word, meaning ‘day’s eye’
  • Adena/Aiden – meaning ‘fire’, perfect for the summers heat
  • Genevieve – a regal sounding name, meaning ‘white wave’. Anyone else want to take up surfing?
  • Dahlia – a summer flowering perennial
  • Iris – another popular floral name, although Iris originally comes from the Greek for 'rainbow'
  • Lily – a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.
  • Marigold – no, not the gloves
  • Rose – or it's Latin alternative, Rosa
  • Violet – the smell of late summer evenings

Boys names inspired by summer

summer baby boy
  • Arun – Hindi name meaning dawn/sun
  • Beckett – old English name for ‘beehive’
  • Nikko – Japanese for sunlight
  • Ravi – Hindi and Sanskrit name for sun
  • Bay
  • Dayton – and English name meaning 'bright and sunny town'
  • Dune
  • Dylan – Welsh name that means ‘sun of the sea’
  • Hefin – Welsh for summer
  • Luca – Latin for light
  • Cyrus – a Persian name, meaning ‘the sun'

Girls names inspired by summer

summer baby girl
  • Aurora – a popular Italian name, comes from the Latin for dawn
  • Blaise – a French name meaning ‘hot fire’
  • Dawn
  • Lena – Greek name meaning ‘bright one’
  • Nina – this is originally an Inca name, meaning 'goddess of fire'
  • Soleil – French for sun
  • Olive – Dreaming of a Mediterranean complexion? Give them a helping hand with this name
  • Kyra – an Egyptian/Persian name, meaning ‘sun'

Biblical baby names

If you want a more classic name with a summer twist, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the bible.

  • Eden – the 'garden of God' has gone on to become a popular girl's name
  • Eve – as in 'a summer's…'
  • Sampson – Hebrew for sun, grower of hair
  • Cain – brother of Abel, but also a Welsh name meaning ‘clear water'

Summer holiday names

Summer baby with globe

For most, summer means one thing – holiday. But your scratch map can be put to more use than you think, with these unusual names borrowed from around the world.


  • America
  • Paris
  • India
  • London
  • Verona
  • Savannah


  • Francisco
  • Melbourne
  • Santiago
  • Rio
  • Orlando
  • Diego

Baby names taken from star signs, birth months and birthstones

The summer months are rife with inspiration; look to the Gregorian calendar, star signs and even birthstones to find your ultimate summer baby name.


Star sign: Cancer (June 21-July 22), Birthstone: pearl/alexandrite
Baby names:

  • June/Juno
  • Alexandra/ Alexandria
  • Pearl


Summer baby lion costume

Star sign: Leo (July 23-August 22), Birthstone: ruby
Baby names:

  • Leo, Leonardo, Leopold, Leonidas, Leonard, Leandra
  • Julius/Julian, Julie
  • Ruby


Star sign: Virgo (August 23-September 22), Birthstone: sapphire
Baby names:

  • Virginia/Virgo
  • Augusta, August/Augustus, Gus for short
  • Sapphire

Other summer names

Summer is a lovely name in of itself, but if you’re looking for something a little less obvious why not give one of its more unique variants a go.

  • Hafs – which is Welsh for summer
  • Suma – is a beautiful English name, meaning ‘born in summer’
  • Sommer – French for 'born in summer'
  • Suvi – Finnish male given name meaning ‘summer’
  • Udara – a Basque name for summer
  • Theros – is a Greek boys name, meaning ‘summer’

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