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Baby name meanings



  • Latin


  • flower (English/French),
  • Purple in Latin,
  • One of the earliest flower names, first used in the 1830s.,
  • A flower lesbians used to give each other in the late 1800s


  • Vi,
  • V,
  • Lettie,
  • Lettie,
  • Violet Chachki - drag queen

Interesting Violets

  • Violet Purr - Superheros

Unfortunate Violets

  • Beauregarde,
  • Violet Elizabeth Bott

Violet goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Rose,
  • Annabel,
  • Isabel,
  • Elizabeth,
  • May

When I hear Violet
I think of...

  • traditional little girls in pinifores,
  • Just William,
  • Purple flowers
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