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Baby name meanings



  • Latin, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, German


  • protecter of mankind,
  • Saxon woman,
  • Princess


  • Sas, Sassy

Interesting Saskias

  • Rembrandt's wife

Unfortunate Saskias

  • Saskia Duncan- Murdered in Eastenders

Saskia goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Thea,
  • Camilla,
  • Eveline,
  • Iris,
  • Madison,
  • Beauty

When I hear Saskia
I think of...

  • Bright, vibrant little girls with huge blue eyes.,
  • sweet natured, friednly,
  • Mischievous, adventurous beauty with long dark eyelashes,
  • Beauty, ethereal beauty, head - in - the - clouds, musical genius,
  • Intelligent ,
  • beautiful ,
  • Sporty ,
  • Posh
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