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Baby name meanings



  • Latin, English


  • red gemstone, jewel, a ruby jewel


  • rubes,
  • Roo,
  • Rubie Roo,
  • Rubles,
  • Ruby doo

Interesting Rubys

  • Ruby Murray (curry),
  • Ruby Rose (Mtv),
  • Ruby Wax,
  • Ruby Parkinson the awesomest,
  • Ruby Tuesday,
  • Ruby Ferguson,
  • Ruby Dee,
  • Ruby Payne-Scott

Unfortunate Rubys

  • All of them,
  • none,
  • None

Ruby goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Rose,
  • Tuesday,
  • clare,
  • Jane,
  • millie,
  • Isabella,
  • Isabella

When I hear Ruby
I think of...

  • Ruby Tuesday,
  • the moment it became popular it was used in Eastenders,
  • Ruby in the Dust,
  • would be a cooler boys name,
  • something beautiful. It's quirky, pretty and cool,
  • Middle class for "Jade" :-),
  • chavs,
  • my beautiful daughter,
  • Common as muck,
  • Sassy little madam,
  • the make up range ruby millie,
  • reckless ruby, ruby redfort, ruby murray,
  • perfect little jewel like mine,
  • Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubyyyy (Ahhahhahhahhahahhhh),
  • Beauty,
  • strong independent and confident,
  • Classic name
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