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Baby name meanings



  • Latin


  • the flower rose, horse (Latin/German),
  • of renown,
  • famed


  • Rosie,
  • Rosa,
  • Rosie,
  • Rosebush

Interesting Roses

  • Rose Tyler,
  • rose mcgowan from charmed,
  • Rose Lalonde

Unfortunate Roses

  • Rose West

Rose goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • amy,
  • lily,
  • eleanor,
  • Jessica,
  • Audrey,
  • Camille,
  • Emilia

When I hear Rose
I think of...

  • A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,
  • Ring a ring of roses,
  • Moses supposes his toeses are roses,
  • O rose thou art sick,
  • Everything's coming up roses,
  • Rose-tinted glasses,
  • English rose,
  • Rose of Tralee,
  • english rose,
  • The Feminine Divine
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