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Baby name meanings



  • Greek, English


  • From The Flower


  • abbreviation of Kaliope in Greek,
  • papaver,
  • pops, pop,
  • lollypop

Interesting Poppys

  • Poppy Z Brite American novelist

Unfortunate Poppys

Poppy goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Elisabeth,
  • Louise,
  • Emma,
  • Elizabeth, Ameila, Ava, Josephine.,
  • lea,
  • Lila,
  • grace

When I hear Poppy
I think of...

  • flowers,
  • Jamie Oliver,
  • My partner tells me he's done a poppy when he's farted :o/,
  • Feminine, stunning,,
  • Rah,
  • Poncey,
  • lolly pops,
  • flowers,
  • liveliness,
  • Childish and twee,
  • free-spirited, creative, strong,
  • War graves
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