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  • Latin


  • Victorious,
  • Victory of the people,
  • derived from Nikos meaning "victory," and laos meaning "people," Originally Greek/Byzantine.,
  • Used as female name mistakenly because the last letter 'A' was mistaken as a feminine ending.,
  • Nicola in Italy is a male name.


  • Nick, Nicky, Nikki,
  • Nix,
  • Nicky,
  • Nic,
  • nico

Interesting Nicolas

  • Nicola Horlicks,
  • Me.,
  • And me

Unfortunate Nicolas

  • Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Jayne,
  • Louise,
  • Eliza,
  • A stand alone name

When I hear Nicola
I think of...

  • the 1970s,
  • tough girls,
  • a strong personality,
  • Warm, a Woman's Woman. A reader.,
  • Gentle. Kind. But has a temper if roused.,
  • Has cool.,
  • Authors and writers- there are loads with this name!
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