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Baby name meanings



  • Latin, Irish, English


  • Bitterness,
  • Star of the sea,
  • Short for Margaret,
  • yearned for child


  • Moo,
  • Molly-moo,
  • Molls,
  • lee

Interesting Mollys

  • Molly Ringwald,
  • Mollie Hardwick,
  • molly dineen

Unfortunate Mollys

  • Mollie Sugden,
  • Molly Monday

Molly goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Catherine,
  • William, Henry, Thomas,
  • Rose

When I hear Molly
I think of...

  • cheekiness, cleverness, beauty,
  • funny and fun,
  • bland and boring,
  • cute and gorgeous,
  • Mischevious,
  • fun and beautiful,
  • a beautiful loony,
  • unpretentious and cool,
  • funny cute,
  • Innocent
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