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Baby name meanings



  • Hebrew


  • Cassia, Cinnamon, Biblical


  • Kezzie,
  • Kez,
  • Kezzy

Interesting Kezias

  • Daughter of Job given as a blessing when God had finished making him miserable,
  • Kezia and her sisters are also described in the Bible as the most beautiful women in the world,
  • Barak Obama's stepmother is called Kezia

Unfortunate Kezias

Kezia goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Imogen,
  • Maria,
  • May,
  • Tamzin,
  • Scarlett,
  • Sienna,
  • Josephine,
  • Oriana

When I hear Kezia
I think of...

  • Life and laughter
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