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  • Welsh, Cornish


  • in Welsh it is "fair one; fair and soft; white spirit;" in Celtic it is "white wave; white skin; white shoulders; pure and yielding;" and in Cornish it is "white, smooth",
  • Cornish variant of Guinivere


  • Jenny,
  • Jennie,
  • Jen,
  • Jenni,
  • Jeni,
  • Jenna

Interesting Jennifers

  • Jennifer Aniston,
  • Jennifer Saunders,
  • Jennifer Lawrence,
  • Jennifer Lopez,
  • Jennifer Garner

Unfortunate Jennifers

Jennifer goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Marie,
  • kate,
  • Charlotte

When I hear Jennifer
I think of...

  • Success,
  • friendly,
  • ME,
  • ho,
  • trollop,
  • Pretty, with lovely nn,
  • Nice
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