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Baby name finder

Before you decide on a baby name, find out what others think when they hear it - plus its origin and meaning, potential nicknames, and brilliant alternatives

Baby name meanings



  • Hebrew, African


  • delight,
  • paradise,
  • garden of paradise,
  • Delightful


  • edie,
  • di di,
  • edes,
  • Eddi, Denni, Den,
  • E

Interesting Edens

  • Eden Taylor-Draper (plays Tinkerbell Dingle in Emmerdale),
  • Edie Sedgwick, Wharholes Muse

Unfortunate Edens

  • Eden Wood (Toddlers in Tiaras),
  • eden hazzard,
  • eden hazzard

Eden goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Fraser,
  • jacob,
  • Frankie,
  • Rose, Mae,
  • Amos as a Sibling,
  • Elliot,
  • Andrea,
  • Elizabeth, Theodore,
  • Joy

When I hear Eden
I think of...

  • Kindness, pretty,
  • Quirky, interesting, space cadet,
  • my daughter,
  • The Eden Project in Cornwall,
  • Clever, Bright, Thoughtful, Kind & Beautiful,
  • Smart, funny, beautiful, intelligent & successful,
  • pretentious,
  • Bohemian,
  • Artistic,
  • Impossible parental expectations,
  • A sex-worker
My shortlist