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Baby name meanings



  • Latin, Turkish


  • Dilara or Delara can be a given name or surname in several languages . It is a variant of the Spanish or French habitational name Lara.,
  • Variants of Dilara are Dylara, Delara,
  • The Turkish meaning is : she who delights the heart


  • Lary,
  • Dilly

Interesting Dilaras

  • Dilara Kazimova ,
  • Dilara Findikoglu ,
  • Dilara uralp

Unfortunate Dilaras

Dilara goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Maria,
  • Sophie ,
  • Lucia

When I hear Dilara
I think of...

  • Spain,
  • Dilara Kazimova ,
  • Beautiful, funny , lovely , kind , smart, activ , successful ,
  • nice, cute, fair,
  • nice, cute, fair
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