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Before you decide on a baby name, find out what others think when they hear it - plus its origin and meaning, potential nicknames, and brilliant alternatives

Baby name meanings



  • Old English, Welsh


  • day, eye, flower


  • margaret,
  • marguerite

Interesting Daisys

  • Daisy Waugh. Daisy McAndrew. Daisy Fuentes.,
  • Daisy Greville, Countess of Warwick (1861 - 1938), mistress of Edward VII,
  • Daisy Lowe,
  • Daisy Buchanan,
  • Daisy Duke,
  • Daisy Donovan,
  • Daisy from Spaced,
  • Daisy Ashford,
  • Daisy Von Scherler Mayer

Unfortunate Daisys

  • Daisy Duck,
  • Daisy The Cow

Daisy goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Alice,
  • NEVER alice, which is a name uptight people give their daughter,
  • Victoria,
  • Victoria,
  • Ann,
  • Alexis,
  • Madison,
  • Xanthe,
  • Alice,
  • Mae,
  • Elizabeth,
  • Megan

When I hear Daisy
I think of...

  • wet drippy girls,
  • curly ringlet little girls with freckles,
  • victorian scullery maid,
  • Sunshine,
  • pretty,
  • Weak pathetic girls,
  • cute, smiley little girls,
  • beautiful,
  • brave, bright and quirky,
  • Cheeky, adventurous , brave & loving,
  • clever,
  • Bright, spirited, cheeky,
  • a pretty name for a strong character,
  • Cow
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