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  • Delib misspelt version of Joni Mitchell's song 'Chelsea Morning'


  • Chel. Chels

Interesting Chelsies

  • None.

Unfortunate Chelsies

  • i'm sure there are many.

Chelsie goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Boys called Kyle, Dean, Sean, Aaron-her spititual and class equivalents,
  • Boys called Trevor.,
  • Partner is called Steve or Mark

When I hear Chelsie
I think of...

  • Bit whiny, immature and self obssessed. Ungainly. On her phone all the time.,
  • Likes '50 shades of grey' and reads Katie Price 'books'. Collects FB 'friends' like cheap shoes,
  • Posts photos of her tats and bum on FB,
  • Has a muffin top and wears battered fake Uggs.,
  • Uses hair straighteners and thinks Ed Hardy perfumes are stylish.,
  • Carries a Pauls Boutique bag,
  • Glamour models, Big Brother contestants. Geordie Shore. Nethuns.
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