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Baby name meanings



  • French, Germanic


  • beautiful woman, song of happiness, variation of Charles, manly,
  • Christmas carol


  • Carrie,
  • caz,
  • cazza,
  • Caro,
  • Caggs,
  • Coco

Interesting Carolines

  • Caroline Quentin,
  • Caroline Aherne,
  • Princess Caroline of Monaco,
  • Caroline Kennedy

Unfortunate Carolines

  • Princess Caroline of Monaco

Caroline goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Harriet,
  • Charlotte, Arabella, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Camilla, Catherine,
  • , Frances

When I hear Caroline
I think of...

  • drama queen,
  • Its a classless name,
  • my daughter,
  • Artistic, Intelligent, Classy, Professional,
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