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Baby name meanings



  • Latin


  • she who blesses or bringer of joy and Viatrix, feminine form of Viator or voyager


  • Bea,
  • Beattie,
  • Trixie (if Beatrix),
  • Betty,
  • Tricia,
  • Bea,
  • Bibi

Interesting Beatrices

  • Princess Beatrice,
  • Beatrice is the heroine in "Much Ado About Nothing",
  • Beatrice is the guide to heaven in Dante's Paradiso,
  • Beatrix Potter,
  • Beatrice Borromeo,
  • Bea Arthur,
  • Beatrice Dalle

Unfortunate Beatrices

  • Beatrice McCartney

Beatrice goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • James,
  • Annabelle,
  • Mary,
  • Mabel,
  • Ivy,
  • Cecily

When I hear Beatrice
I think of...

  • Dante and Shakespeare,
  • Goiden Girls
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