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Baby name meanings



  • English


  • Stony clearing


  • Stannary,
  • Tin-Tin (think Stannary),
  • 'stan the man',
  • Stanny

Interesting Stanleys

  • Stanley Kubrick,
  • Stan Lee (Marvel Comics),
  • Stan Smith (Wimbledon Winner 1972),
  • Stan Winston, special effects wizard,
  • Flat Stanley,
  • Stanley Matthews,
  • Stanley Baldwin,
  • Stanley Baxter,
  • Stan Laurel (aka Laurel and Hardy).,
  • Stan Getz,
  • Stanley Turrentine (Jazz musician),
  • Stanley Baldwin (prime minister)

Unfortunate Stanleys

  • Flat Stanley,
  • Stan Ogden (bin man in Corrie in the 80s),
  • Stan in the Eminem song of the same name,
  • Stan Marsh from South Park

Stanley goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Angus,
  • Danny

When I hear Stanley
I think of...

  • poor child being saddled with this awful name!,
  • Great name and will be appreciated by those with taste.,
  • Such an adorable and cute name!,
  • good old fashioned name that deserves its current popularity,
  • Laurel and Hardy,
  • Fantastic old name, everyone i know loves it,
  • "Fly away Stanley! Be Freee!!"
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