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Baby name meanings



  • Arabic, Hebrew, Egyptian


  • Appointed, put, who puts, fixed,
  • substitute


  • sethie

Interesting Seths

  • Seth Lakeman,
  • Seth Green (actor),
  • Seth Macfarlane,
  • Seth Starkadder from Cold Comfort Farm,
  • Seth Johnson (footballer),
  • Seth Armstrong (Emmerdale),
  • Seth Cohen (The OC),
  • Seth Cohen (The OC),
  • Seth third son of Adam and Eve,
  • seth green (actor),
  • Seth MacFarlane (actor, writer/creator of Family Guy),
  • Seth Rogen (actor)

Unfortunate Seths

  • the character Seth from the steaming pile of shite that is the film, Superbad.

Seth goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Benjamin,
  • Saul and Jared,
  • William

When I hear Seth
I think of...

  • My ds2, and Seth off Emmerdale,
  • Cold Comfort Farm,
  • smiley boys,
  • my ds1and George Clooney in Dusk till Dawn,
  • Nicholas Cage's character in city of angels - yum
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