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Baby name finder

Before you decide on a baby name, find out what others think when they hear it - plus its origin and meaning, potential nicknames, and brilliant alternatives

Baby name meanings



  • Hebrew


  • Rest, comfort, repose, consolation, motion, that quavers, totters,
  • peaceful,
  • Wanderer


  • NoNo or Nojo,
  • No-eee,
  • Nunu,
  • No,
  • Noodles

Interesting Noahs

  • Of the Ark, The gorgeous doc from ER,
  • ie Noah Wylie,
  • Noah & The Whale (british band),
  • Chris Evans' son,
  • Noah Huntley,
  • Boris becker's son

Unfortunate Noahs

Noah goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • James,
  • Luke,
  • Jago, Dylan, Inigo,,
  • Herbe,
  • Archie,
  • John,
  • Cassidy,
  • Finbarr,
  • Melinda,
  • Lorelei,
  • Paige,
  • Alexander

When I hear Noah
I think of...

  • a big boat & animals,
  • cool friendly earnest,
  • an ark,
  • Strong,
  • Peace,
  • fun, surf dude,
  • Goodlooking
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