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  • Greek


  • English form of the Greek name, meaning victory (from Nike) and people (from Laus), victory of the people


  • Nick,
  • Nico,
  • Nixie,
  • Nic,
  • Nicol,
  • Nicky,
  • Nicky-Noodles,
  • Claus

Interesting Nicholass

  • Nicky Wire,
  • Nick Cave,
  • Niccolo Machiavelli,
  • Nicholas Konstantin Roerich,
  • Saint Nicholas,
  • Nicolas Copernicus,
  • Nicolas Cage,
  • Nicholas de Lange,
  • Nick from the Backstreet Boys,
  • Nick from the Jonas Brothers,
  • Santa Claus

Unfortunate Nicholass

  • Nick Cotton,
  • Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Nathaniel

When I hear Nicholas
I think of...

  • Bit of a weakling,
  • I know a lot of good looking men called Nick/ Nicholas,
  • both my husband and my Dad are called Nicholas!,
  • Outgoing
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