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Baby name meanings



  • Gaelic, Welsh, Scandinavian, Japanese, German, Cornish, Chinese


  • Ocean,
  • Rejoice,
  • Keeper of the Keys,
  • Unceasing / Victory / Triumphant,
  • Food - in te reo Maori (New Zealand),
  • means boy


  • kai-pie

Interesting Kais

  • Kai Nielsen,,
  • caius julius caesar

Unfortunate Kais

  • Kai Wayne Rooney

Kai goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Christopher,
  • Erin,
  • Erik,
  • Dominic,
  • Mason,
  • Brooke,
  • Eden,
  • dylan

When I hear Kai
I think of...

  • My son,
  • Bit common,
  • Chav,
  • Ruined by Wayne Rooney,
  • My son too! Uni Prof,
  • Vile,
  • A lovely name, no need to call it 'vile',
  • surfer dude,
  • Rooney
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