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Before you decide on a baby name, find out what others think when they hear it - plus its origin and meaning, potential nicknames, and brilliant alternatives

Baby name meanings



  • Hebrew, English


  • the Lord is gracious,
  • Short form of Jackin (itself derived from Jankin), a medieval diminutive of John


  • john,
  • Jackie,
  • Jax,
  • Jay,
  • Jacky

Interesting Jacks

  • Jack Straw,
  • Jack Bauer,
  • Captain Jack Harkness,
  • Jack Sparrow,
  • Jack White,
  • Jack Black,
  • Jack Frost,
  • Jack Lemmon

Unfortunate Jacks

  • Jack the ripper

Jack goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Thomas,
  • nooo,
  • James,
  • Siblings: Jill, Chloe,
  • William,
  • Maisie,
  • Schuyler, Camilla, Saskia,
  • Lola,
  • Alexander,
  • Sarah,
  • Riley,
  • Zadie

When I hear Jack
I think of...

  • dependable, reliable, honest, salt of the earth,
  • the opposite of the first suggestion! Unreliable, selfish and mildly psychotic,
  • cool, confident,
  • Caring of animals and a great friend,
  • My shining light,
  • Solid and dependable,
  • Troublemaker,
  • ADHD,
  • Handsome,
  • Funny,
  • Full of character,
  • Loving,
  • Charming,
  • Overused and dull,
  • a strong boy,
  • scarecrows,
  • parents with no imagination whatsoever,
  • Strong, uncomplicated, fun and happy.,
  • Naughty,
  • chose the name before it became popular,
  • A strong name,
  • Overused and Dull
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