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Baby name meanings



  • Germanic, Portuguese


  • Heart, mind, spirit


  • huggo,
  • boss,
  • hugs,
  • fattie,
  • Boogie

Interesting Hugos

  • Hugo Monkey (of Hugo Monkey's Funky Jungle Conga),
  • Victor Hugo,
  • Hugo Speer,
  • Hugo Boss,
  • Hugo Chavez [hmm],
  • Hugo Weaving

Unfortunate Hugos

  • Hugo Horton (The Vicar Of Dibley)

Hugo goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • Miranda,
  • Alexander,
  • George,
  • only child, no friends,
  • Theo,
  • Stanley,
  • Louis,
  • Freddie,
  • Pheobe

When I hear Hugo
I think of...

  • Public school rugger team,
  • decent,
  • pretentious, greedy,
  • rich,
  • handsome,
  • well brought up,
  • Hugo Monkey's Funky Jungle Conga,
  • Gorgeous Rugby type
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