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  • Latin, English


  • One who dyes cloth, located on the right side,
  • right-handed or fortunate,
  • Also from Greek 'dexi' meaning 'to worship',
  • From old English meaning "dyer"


  • Dex,
  • Dexy

Interesting Dexters

  • Dexter Fletcher,
  • Dexter Morgan,
  • Sinister Dexter (2000 AD)

Unfortunate Dexters

  • Dexter Morgan,
  • dexter from big brother,
  • Dexter laboratory

Dexter goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • James,
  • Alexander,
  • Lewis,
  • Ray

When I hear Dexter
I think of...

  • Serial 'Serial Killer' Killer Dexter Morgan from the TV show "Dexter".,
  • Dexter Fletcher from "Press Gang",
  • Dexter's Lab cartoon,
  • My gorgeous boy!
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