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Baby name meanings



  • Cornish


  • lepricorn,
  • Son of consolation


  • Barney,
  • Barnes,
  • Barnubs,
  • Ba-ba,
  • Barnabubble,
  • Barnabus,
  • Barnabs,
  • Barn,
  • Banana Box

Interesting Barnabys

  • Barnaby Lenon, head of Harrow School,
  • Barnaby Gunning, designer of Lego house (for James May),
  • Barnaby Swire, Chairman of the Swire Group

Unfortunate Barnabys

  • Barney Rubble,
  • Barnaby Bear,
  • Barnaby Rudge,
  • Barney Gumble

Barnaby goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • David John,
  • Caspar Jack,
  • George,
  • Freddie,
  • Tilly

When I hear Barnaby
I think of...

  • Some say a purple dinosaur,
  • Barney and Me by The Boo Radleys,
  • Clapham,
  • Gorgeous, clean, smiley, blonde with big blue eyes and a killer smile,
  • Barney the dinosaur,
  • Strong, architectural, kind
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