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Baby name meanings



  • Germanic, Scottish


  • Bold, Brave


  • Arch

Interesting Archies

  • Archie MacDonald - fictional character from Monarch of the Glen

Unfortunate Archies

  • balamory

Archie goes well with

Middle names/Siblings/Partners

  • James,
  • Oliver,
  • Freya,
  • Noah,
  • Edward,
  • Frederick,
  • William,
  • Madeleine,
  • Christopher

When I hear Archie
I think of...

  • Kind & Strong,
  • Cheeky chappy,
  • geezer,
  • posh scotty,
  • the gay inventor from balamory,
  • eastenders vilian,
  • Sweet and Brave,
  • our temporary pet frog in Northumberland,
  • Overused and twee,
  • Lovely Character,
  • Scotland,
  • Grandad type name
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