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*Getting to grips with the world of weaning can be a challenge. Which is where Mumsnetters come in.

Share your own successes (and failures) and learn from other mums who've been there and got the puree splattered t-shirt to show for it.

Starting with sippy cups

homemade chicken nuggets

Progressing to a cup your child can hold themselves is a big part of them developing independent skills.

Embrace the mess

energy balls kids snack food

Let's face it, weaning is not an exact science. It's also pretty darned messy, but there are ways around this

Tried & tested: weaning bowls

Looking for a weaning set either for the home or when you're out and about? Mumsnet users rate the best

Weaning faces explained

fish chowder weaning recipe

Experts look at your uploaded weaning face videos to work out what your baby is telling you.

Baby-led weaning

mini homemade burgers sliders

What exactly is baby-led weaning and is it the right thing for you and your child?

First finger food recipes

Delight tiny taste buds with this delicious combination of sweet root vegetables, apple and fresh thyme.