The best things about having a newborn baby

New parents hold newborn baby sleeping

Yes, being at home with a tiny human for the first time is a little bit terrifying – but here's why life with a newborn baby is also truly wonderful

1. They get you special privileges

royal baby Kate and William

People are generally really nice to you if you're sporting a newborn.”

2. They're good drunks

baby falling asleep

“Their little faces when they are all milk-drunk.”

3. They're pint-sized scholars

baby staring out of window

“I love those deep, swimming, strangely wise and knowing eyes – and the way they study you.”

4. They satisfy delusions of grandeur

Queen Beyonce

You feel all-powerful looking after them – like the biggest hero in the world.”

5. You can use cute similes

yawning newborn baby

Their tiny heads are velvety… like a mole.”

6. Their facial contortions

Startled baby

The hilarious startle reflex is the best.'”

7. They look like little sumo wrestlers…

Cute creased chubby baby

“The creases. Oh, the creases!”

8. … AND they do taekwondo

Judo babies

“They have no control over their limbs.”

9. They are addictive (it's science)

Parents smelling baby's head

You get a hormonal hit off cuddling them because of the smell of their head. I read a book about it.”

10. They're MADE from love

Stevie Wonder sings Isn't She Lovely

“Looking in their eyes is like falling into a deep well of love.”

11. And, obviously…

Ready to party from Bridesmaids film