Why having a new baby is great

Yes, being at home with a tiny human for the first time is terrifying - but here's why life with a newborn is also truly wonderful

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1. They get you special privileges 

"People are generally really nice to you if you're sporting a newborn."

2. They're good drunks

"Their little faces when they are all milk-drunk."

3. They're pint-sized scholars

"I love those deep, swimming, strangely wise and knowing eyes - and they way they study you."

4. They satisfy delusions of grandeur

"You feel all-powerful looking after them - like the biggest hero in the world."  


You can use cute similes 

"Their tiny heads are velvety... like a mole."

6. Their facial contortions

"The hilarious startle reflex is the best.'"

7. They look like little sumo wrestlers... 

baby with creases

"The creases. Oh, the creases!"

8. ... AND they do taekwondo


"They have no control over their limbs." 

9. They are addictive (it's science)

"You get a hormonal hit off cuddling them because of the smell of their head. I read a book about it."

10. They're MADE from love (Stevie Wonder, anyone?)

"Looking in their eyes is like falling into a deep well of love."

11. And, obviously...


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Last updated: about 2 months ago