Top tips for surviving the dreaded poonami

nappy changing

Keeping sane when you're dealing with the traumatic experience that is an explosive baby nappy isn't always easy. Mumsnetters share their tips and tricks for surviving the dreaded poonami, with the help of Asda's Little Angels

First things first: the matter at hand

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‘’If you're on your own, deal with the baby first. Get them nice and clean, and then you can deal with the house.’’

Warning: you can never have enough supplies

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‘’Always have enough nappies and wipes. If your pack seems a little bit low, just add to it. You'll need a lot more than three or four wipes.’’

There's nothing like a poonami to reveal who your real friends are

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‘’Sometimes poonamis are just not a one-man job. Get a friend or family member to roll up their sleeves too (and be forever in their debt).’’

So that's what those little flaps are for…

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‘’Your baby's vests have envelope sleeves which means that you don't have to pull them them up over their heads. That makes it easier for you to pull their vests down to ensure that they don't get any poo on their face.’’

Now your baby has let it all out, you can too

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‘’When you go through an emotional trauma like a poonami, it's always good to talk things through with people that you care about. A problem shared is a problem halved.’’

Your baby has never needed TLC more than she does right now

‘’There are times when wipes are just not going to cut it. Pop your little one in the bath with some Little Angels body wash to get rid of those last little bits.

“Your baby's bottom is also going to need some TLC, so apply a thin layer of Little Angels nappy cream to soothe the area before putting on a fresh nappy – and make sure you invest in the very best. Little Angels nappies come with an elasticated waistband to help contain the situation until mummy arrives to save the day.’’

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