The silliest things you did for your new baby

sleeping baby

Your baby isn't the first baby ever to be born, but they're your first baby – and that's basically the same thing, right? Don't worry if you commit a few acts of new parent madness (playing them an audio book of Einstein's biography won't make them a maths whizz). It's bound to wear off. Here, Mumsnetters share their most cringeworthy acts of new parent craziness

You committed to germ eradication

”I steamed cleaned all of DC1's toys before and after use…. every single time.”

Spongebob cleaning

Because who needs a life anyway?

“I washed his bedding every night for about six months – sheets AND sleep sacks”

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Any self-respecting baby should have multiple swimwear options

“I packed four swimsuits for a midweek break at Centre Parcs where she wore a swim nappy on its own most of the time.”

sun hat

Money was no object (even when it was)

“I spent £17 on a dummy as it had good recommendations – my daughter hated it and much preferred the £5 ones.”

baby dummy

You rediscovered your iron

“I ironed everything – including vests and socks.”

baby ironed clothes

You protected them from the elements – at all costs

“I once walked home in my dress lining as I used my dress to shade DC in the pram from the sun.”

sun shade

Everything – and we mean everything – got sterilised

“I used to sterilise the scoop you use to scoop formula out.”


You thought you could defy science

“I went crazy sterilising everything. I boiled the spoon that comes with Calpol and it melted.”


No baby product claims could be trusted

“I bought no tears shampoo and then squirted it neat into my eye to ensure it wouldn’t hurt her little eyes.”


You were prepared for all eventualities, including your baby sprouting a full head of hair overnight

“I bought so many hair bands for my newborn DD. She was bald until she was well past two years old.”


Everything had to be juuust right

“I used to put wet wipes on the radiator to keep them warm for my daughter's precious little bum.”


You gave your baby everything they needed to become a genius

“Baby Shakespeare DVD. Enough said.”

clever baby