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7 questions every parent should ask before choosing a baby name

Baby confused

You're about to make the most important decision you'll ever make for your child – no pressure, right? Here are the seven key questions every parent should ask before picking the perfect baby name

Who do I already know with this name?

Child screaming

“I didn't use Gabriella because my husband famously had a crush at work (before we met) on a Gabriella .”

“I liked the name Charlotte but wouldn't use it because a girl at school was always called Charlotte the Harlot.”

“I loved the name Alice – until I met my boss's child.”

Does it work with our surname?

Isle of Wight

“We loved the name Isla for a girl but our surname is White. We have family on the Isle of Wight who were the first to point out that it wouldn't really work.”

“My top boys' name has always been Patrick. Then I married and became a Fitzpatrick. Didn't fancy our child having a Derry/Londonderry-esque name.”

“Our surname starts with 'Fitz'. We couldn't have Benjamin as it would have been Benny Fitz (benefits).”

“I wanted Matthew but our surname is White – Matt White sounds too much like paint.”

What will their initials be?


“My daughter was going to be Nicole, but her initials would have been NOB.”

“I didn't call my daughter Veronica because her initials would have been VAJ.”

“Our surname begins with D and I wanted Thomas as a middle name for my son. I loved Samuel until my husband pointed out that his initials would be STD.”

Does it sound like a pet?


“My husband vetoed Daisy – said it was a cow's name, not a human's.”

“I loved Geri for a girl but my partner said it reminded him too much of Tom and Jerry.”

“I was dead set on Scarlet until my husband started crying about his childhood cat that had the same name.”

Does it work with their sibling's name?

Adam and EVe

“My daughter is not called Eve after my grandmother, due to the fact that my stepson's name is Adam.”

“My husband knew a couple who named their children: Leon, Leona, Leonie, Leo and Leroy. Because of this, he wouldn't let me call our child Nell, seeing as our son is called Neil.”

Is it too trendy/cute/traditional – will they hate me forever?


“I wanted Reginald; I thought little baby Reggie would be so sweet. My husband said, 'the poor sod will have run away from home before he's even learned how to say it'.”

“We wanted Alexa until that bloody Echo came along. F*ck you, Amazon.”

Does it sound similar to anything?

Fray Bentos pie

“I know someone who was going to be called Aaron until the week before he was born, when someone told his mother to 'keep your 'air on'.”

“I love the name Venus but I didn't use it as it rhymes with penis.”

“My husband vetoed my choice of Luke because it rhymed with puke, and Lucas because it rhymed with mucus.”