The Mumsnet Babies Podcast

Parents are time-poor, and often too tired to function, let alone read. The Mumsnet Babies Podcast gives answers to common parenting conundrums with no fluff or fuss - all packaged in a format that's perfect for the 3am feed or a snatched half-hour when the little one is (finally) down for a nap.

Presented by Fi Glover, the series offers advice from Mumsnetters who've come out the other side, and tips from experts to help demystify the issues at hand - alongside a healthy dollop of Mumsnet's trademark humour. Listen to the first five episodes here - and check back soon for the next lot, on getting out of the house, going back to work, forming friendships and more.

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Relationships as a new parent

There's no doubt that becoming parents alters the dynamic of many of your relationships. Sometimes this is for the better, other times the shift in roles can cause problems. This episode explores some of the issues that affect relationships with your partner, your parents and in-laws, as well as your wider circle of friends and family.


An unbroken night's slumber is the holy grail of parenthood. With the help of bleary-eyed parents and a smattering of experts, we'll explore which sleep style would suit your family set-up - and which habits can create problems further down the line.  


Weaning, nutrition, fussy eaters... We'll take a look at the psychology of feeding children - why do mealtimes so often become a battleground, and why is food an issue it seems EVERYONE feels they can offer you advice on? 

How clean is your child?

A new baby is enough to turn many a formerly sensible person into one that gets through far too much antibacterial hand gel - but in truth, you can also be too laid-back about hygiene and keeping your child and your home clean, so how to find a sensible balance? 


The truth is that most babies get poorly every now and again - knowing when you need to take action and when you've just got to hunker down and get through it can remove a lot of the stress.  Baby health experts and seasoned Mumsnetters give no-nonsense advice on common ailments, worrying symptoms, vaccinations, milestones and more. 

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