How to nail parenting in a heatwave

baby in heatwave

If weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine have left you more exhausted, wilting mum than sun-kissed, care-free earth mother – it might help to know that you aren't alone. A fair few Mumsnetters have been there and got the sweat-soaked t-shirt, so we've rounded up their very best advice for keeping your parenting cool in the heat.

Due to give birth during a heatwave?

Pre-children, a heatwave is a wonderful thing, signalling days on end spent in a park-pool-pub cycle. Sorry, but that's all about to come to an end. The first hurdle? Staying cool on the maternity ward.

Attack from every angle, with fans, sprays and all the frozen liquids

pregnant woman fan

“Pack a handheld fan, face spray and drinks to keep in the communal fridge, if your ward has one. And get your visitors to bring you frozen stuff.”

Cold showers are your new best friend

cold shower

“I was in for a week and was sweating absolute buckets. The only thing that really helped was a cold shower three times a day.”

You might have to compromise a bit

maternity curtains

“As much as you want your privacy, keep the curtains open – it's even hotter with them closed.”

Got kids? Here's what to do in a heatwave

With small humans in tow, the prospect of endless sunshine isn't very appealing (NEVER have we felt this sticky). Luckily, we've got some practical tips for looking after babies and children when you genuinely feel like you're going to melt faster than your emergency Mr Whippy. If parking yourself on the sofa with a fan aimed directly at your face isn't an option (hello wriggly, energetic toddlers), try these tips for keeping everyone cool and contented:

Mix up your routine and keep cool(er) in the process

girl asleep

“Last night, DS and I slept in the garden on the trampoline. It was bliss. In fact, we even needed a duvet to keep warm.”

Seek out air conditioning (shopping centres can be fun, trust us)

family bed shop

“Are you near an Ikea? It's always fun to see the rooms and be silly…then have cheap meatballs in the cafe.”

If you're braving the outdoors, make it worth your while

family car

“Car boots are a cheap and fun day out. If you're into reselling, look up what sells well and make a bit of extra cash. Or get them to clear out their rooms and do a car boot to make some extra cash.”

Or at least entertaining

family walking dog

“Borrow a dog. There are always elderly/disabled people advertising on websites for people to take their dogs out for some exercise. A walk in the park takes on a new dimension if you share it with a dog.”

Do whatever floats their boat (sorry)

boy crafting

“Get an arrangement of craft items and recycled materials and let your children make or design their own boats. They could design on paper first, then make them, then try them in the bath or a cheap paddling pool.”

Feeling sweaty? We've got your back

The pros of taking an antsy child out and about in the heat may well outweigh the cons, but there's no denying the fact that you're going to get very, very sweaty in some very interesting places. Here's how to tackle it:

Sweaty underboob? Look no further than your kitchen cupboard


“Cornflour under the boobs – it needed using up and has stopped my underboob getting hot and sore, even with underwired bras.”

Or, indeed, your bathroom cupboard…

panty liner

“Someone advised me to stick panty liners in my bra to absorb the sweat – it works.”

For an all-over approach, antiperspirant's the only way to go


“I put deodorant on my bikini line, down the middle of my back and under my boobs.”

Because after all, desperate times call for desperate measures

woman laughing

“I’ve stopped wearing pants as I get too hot.”