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Mothercare recalls baby bouncer after newborn suffers head injury

Mothercare Loved so Much

A 10-week-old baby has fallen out of a popular baby bouncer – prompting Mothercare to issue an urgent warning to parents

Mothercare has recalled the popular Loved So Much baby bouncer after 10-week-old River Bennet from Hull became unresponsive after falling through it and hitting his head on the floor. The company has stated that a particular batch of the swings could be dangerous if 'assembled incorrectly'.

River's mother Kelsea Hutson told the Manchester Evening News that seeing her baby fall from the seat was 'absolutely terrifying'. She said: “River was in his bouncer, I was sat behind him watching TV and all of a sudden he literally just fell through it, hitting his head extremely hard on my laminate flooring. He was screaming. I rang 999 straight away. He did fall asleep for around 10 minutes and we were unable to wake him. The ambulance arrived and we went to hospital where we were told he was thankfully okay, but the huge dent in the back of his head will go when his head reshapes at around one to two years of age.”

Mothercare is urging parents who have one of the affected bouncers to stop using it immediately. The affected batch is dated from 12.2015 and has a barcode that ends in 843611-3. All other bouncers are unaffected by this recall.