Top baby essentials from Lidl's Lupilu range

Wondering where to get the best bargains for baby products? Look no further as Lidl's new and improved Lupilu baby range is fast becoming the go-to source for all your baby's needs. Mumsnetters have picked out their top products for our essentials list

Lupilu nappies
Lidl lupilu nappies

“I'm super impressed with their nappies. They are really soft and we don't get any leaks. I would highly recommend.”
“Their nappies are great, they keep my baby dry all night and they are cheap.”

Lupilu organic carrot sticks
Lupilu carrot sticks

“Got to be the carrot snacks for me. We can both enjoy them too.”
“Their organic carrot sticks are delicious!”

Lupilu baby wipes
Lupilu wipes

“The baby wipes with aloe vera are very soft on the skin and wipe well.”

Lupilu organic baby food pouches
Apple puree pouches from Lidl

“I love the apple and banana fruit sachets. They are a great way of getting fruit and vitamins into my fussy eater and a handy snack on the go, or a cool snack straight from the fridge especially in hot weather.”

Lupilu organic apple and pear fruit pots
Soy Milk

“The apple and pear pots are good and once eaten, the washed pots make a perfect porridge bowl.”

Lupilu active pants
Lupilu Pull-up nappies

“The nappies are brilliant. Especially the pull-ups. They really are the best I've found. So absorbent, lovely and soft, and great stretch making them easy to get on and off.”

Lupilu safety cotton buds – 100% cotton tips
Lupilu cotton buds

“I like the Lupilu cotton safety buds as they are gentle and delicate.”

Lupilu baby toiletries
Lupilu baby shampoo

“The shampoo and bubble bath are really good value and cute packaging.”
“I really like the baby wash. Surprisingly gentle.”

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