Leaving the house with a newborn baby

Getting out of the house with a newborn in tow can feel like an impossible task. But fear not, Mumsnetters are, as always, here to help. They shared their tips and tricks for successfully navigating that first venture out into the world

Give your changing bag a spring clean

“Take as little clutter as possible: a baby carrier, a spare nappies and maybe a cloth – anything more will just be lugged around and go unused.”

Factor in the inevitable mishaps

“Always pack your bag the night before, and give yourself much more time than you think you'll need. The first few times of trying to leave the house will never go as planned.”

If you only remember one thing…

“Wipes, wipes and more wipes! Put them everywhere: in your changing bag, pushchair, car, coat pocket… you name it, it needs wipes.”

Many hands make light work

“If you are able to, having somebody along to help you will make a huge difference. I managed it first with my mum in tow and we kept the outing to a very short time. Longer trips did happen but again I made sure I had a friend for extra back up.”

Make sure you have the right tools for the job

“Forget the purpose built changing bags. Invest in a really roomy backpack with plenty of pockets and leave it in the car with spare nappies/wipes/clothes.”

You can never be too organised

“Make a list of everything you use throughout a usual day at home, and make sure you reference it as you get ready to leave the house. It will make it a lot easier to remember what you do or don't need to pack.”

Do your research

“Find out where the local baby changing stations are. Most will have free nappies and wipes if you're in a pinch.”

Take it one (tiny) step at a time

“My advice would be to keep your very first outing short and simple. Maybe try a little walk round the block with the pram, leaving the massive car mission for next time. Just relax and try to enjoy the moment.”