How much coffee you'll need to get through the day


Whether you're nursing a newborn or just trying to get through the terrible twos, we feel your pain.


no cups

I'm pregnant with my PFB. I find some early morning pregnancy yoga totally refreshes me.

One – (and an espresso chaser)

one cup

I'm pregnant with number two.


two cups

It was a bit of a wakeful night. I'm going to need this in order to remember to breathe in and out all day.


three cups

I have a newborn and am going to spend the first hour of the day working out how best to space these around breastfeeds. If one of them is a latte does that count?


four cups

Then I'm going to have a nap. Wake me when someone has sleep trained my kids.


five cups

I've just gone back to work after maternity leave and am still elated with childish joy every time someone makes me a hot drink and then I actually get to drink it.