Nappy hacks that will revolutionise changing time

Do you dread the nappy change battle? Here's how to master it with military precision, according to Mumsnetters.

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1. Know your enemy

"Have a quick peek in the side to see what you're dealing with, then you can prepare."

"Put the mat on the floor - then they can't roll and fall off."

"With little babies especially, keep hold of their little ankles with one hand. Otherwise they'll kick the poop and you'll soon have a much bigger clean up job on your hands!"

2. Accept certain inalienable truths (and preempt them)

"Little boys wee when their nappy comes off. Have the next one ready to whip on as soon as you remove the old one."

"Move the old nappy out of reach immediately because they will undoubtedly reach for it and pull it over themselves, along with the dirty wipes."

3. Channel ancient wisdom - patience is a virtue

"Leave the nappy off for a few minutes between changes if you can. We lost count of the number of times my daughter pooed or wee'd on the new nappy, mid-change. Be ready with some paper towels for a couple of minutes. The fresh air will also help with nappy rash."

4. Master the art of misdirection

"I would lie my children under the baby gym to distract them while I was getting on with it."

"Distract them while you change them, because they will run off and pee somewhere. My son loves being naked so will do anything he can to resist nappy changing - once he peed all over my sister's bed."

"If all else fails, I put Peppa Pig on and let my daughter watch that whilst she's being changed."

5. Bring in reinforcements

"If your baby has a sibling, enlist their help early on - passing the wipes to you, or helping distract the baby. It's lovely for bonding and helps the older one not feel left out."

"Use a terry square on the changing mat - then if it's a particularly awful nappy, you can just wipe the worst off with the cloth. Otherwise it makes it warmer for the baby and it's easily washed. Out and about, a large muslin transforms a grim changing unit."

6. Remember this invaluable advice


"Envelope necks on vests mean that they can go down instead of up after a poonami."

"Use Vaseline on little bottoms - it protect against nappy rash and makes cleaning poo off easier."

"For enthusiastic toddlers, put the nappy on back to front so they can't undo it."

7. Leaving the house? It pays to be prepared

"Utilise every space possible for nappy changing when out and about. I've changed my kids in the boot of my car, on my knee, and even laid flat in the buggy when I've been desperate."

"Make sure that your changing bag contents are up to date - plenty of nappies, wipes that haven't dried out, and spare clothes. There's nothing like trying to clear up a poonami on an eight-month-old in the middle of town, when all you've got is a newborn vest and a size one nappy."

8. Know when to admit defeat

"Sometimes, you just need to throw them in the bath."

9. Remember, when all else fails...

"Pour large gin and pray they're ready for potty training soon."


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