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How would you make life better for your baby?

If you could make the world a better place for your baby, how would you do it? We asked Mumsnetters what one change they would make to make a difference 

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Try as hard as you can - to stop worrying

"I would take away the anxieties that come with being a new parent, and try to have confidence to enjoy it a little bit!"

Once you're relaxed, think big...


"I would stop the destruction we are wreaking on our planet so that there are still beautiful, untouched places and wildlife to see when my child grows up."

...And then, think little


"Give kids the chance to grow up without the pressure from TV and social media to grow up too quickly."

Develop psychic skills


"Being able to mind read at least until he begins talking and can fully articulate what he needs/wants."

Look into the viability of cloning


"I would split myself three ways, so my baby could get as much attention as his older siblings. Entertainment would be a bit more interesting than endlessly staring at the hood of the pram while doing yet another school pickup/drop-off."

Challenge the cult of perfection


"I'd take away all the pressures of being a child growing up where people have so many opinions about being 'perfect'. I want my daughter to be herself and not long to be 'thinner', 'bigger' etc. I want her to know to me she is perfect and will always be, no matter what." 

Build their confidence...


"I would like to teach my child resilience, to enable them to get through the tough bits, and the self confidence to believe that they can do things."

...And then step back


"Give him the chance to spend some carefree time playing outside without adult supervision or fear - like I used to do back in the 80s."

Aim for the moon


"I want my girls to grow up knowing they can be whoever they want to be, in a world where equality of opportunity is the norm."

Find the perfect work/life balance


"It would be a dream to have us both able to spend as much time with our baby as possible, without having to calculate the relative worth of that time to an employer."

Be present...


"If I could go back, I would have chucked my phone in the bin, I regret every minute I looked at it instead of my beautiful little family."

...And while you're there, help them find their talents


"Give them every possible opportunity to try anything and everything. There's only so many hours in the day and we only have so much money, but we want to give them every chance to find something they can excel at."

Celebrate difference


"I would make life #BetterForBaby by teaching them love, acceptance and understanding of differences."

And then...relax

"I would be a more patient, kinder mother who didn't lose her sh*t over the small things that children do."

But not before you've sorted world peace. Obvs.


"A big ask but I want a little civility towards fellow woman and mankind, without the continued threat of a superpower flexing its muscles/ego (are you listening USA/Russia/North Korea?)."

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