10 lightbulb parenting moments 

Parenting, it turns out, is largely a process of trial and error (many trials; lots of errors) - but fortunately, Mumsnetters have been there, done that and got the vomit soaked T-shirt. Here are their top 10 'why didn't I think of this earlier?' revelations. 

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1. Poo-plosions CAN be contained 

Shit happens - and with a newborn, it can happen with alarming frequency. Take comfort, though, from the knowledge that when it does, you can avoid smearing it in your baby's hair.

"You can take a vest off a baby by rolling it down  their shoulders, rather than pulling up over their head. Useful when there has been a nappy leak."

2. Babies do not care about fashion

"Only buy one style of socks. No more 'ah, but these match that outfit' bollocks; same socks = more chance of finding pairs.  Particularly when they like to take them off and throw them on the street when you're not looking."

3. If it's not washable, DON'T BUY IT

Just... really. Don't bother. 

4. Cosy tights aren't just for girls

Conforming to gender norms = cold babies.

"Baby boys can wear woolly tights in cold weather. It took years of pulled off socks and cold toes to cotton on to that one."

5. Babies do not care about fashion, part two

"When our kids were around eight months old, my friend mentioned that her baby usually didn't wear trousers indoors during the summer. Genuinely never occurred to me to not bother putting clothes on when my son didn't need or want them! He was born in the winter and I'd just got into the habit."

6. A scarf can make you a superparent

And not just because you can wear it like a cape.

"Wear a big colourful scarf. It can cover up the stuff they smeared on you, you can turn it into a breastfeeding cover-up, you can use it as an extra baby blanket, it can become a toddler sarong (in case of accidents), you can use it as a pushchair sunshade, a playmat, for a game of peekaboo AND as a bag for random stuff picked up. Possibly not all in the same day though..."

7. Cut the feet off babygros to get another month out of them

Saves money, AND you get to see their gorgeous little chubby toes. 

8. Email means you'll never lose a single photo

"I set up an email account for our daughter; every picture I take is sent to it, along with stories about her life. Not only will I never lose a photo, this way she'll have notes, pictures of all of her life and a useable email address when she's older!" 

9. You don't have to be a slave to scoops

"I always made my formula in the morning to store for the whole day. For months I would level and count 20 scoops, until one day I realised I should just weigh the stuff. Much quicker to make the jug of formula when I found out what 20 scoops of formula should weigh."

10. Keeping things chilled makes eating out easier

"Babies don't know that food is usually eaten hot. If you start weaning on cold purees/jars, you don't have the bother of having to reheat food with flasks of hot water or shop microwaves when you're out and about. Introduce hot food once they'll eat what's on offer in cafes."

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