Eating peanuts while breastfeeding may protect your baby from developing allergies


The guidelines surrounding peanuts, pregnancy and new mothers have always been somewhat murky – but a new study has given pregnant and breastfeeding women the all-clear to tuck in to the tasty, high protein snack

Researchers in Canada have found that the combined approach of eating peanuts while breastfeeding – and directly introducing peanuts before the age of one – results in children being five times less likely to develop a peanut allergy.

But, for parents who only did one of those things, the chances of their child developing the allergy was 'significantly higher'.

Dr Tracy Pitt, lead author of the Humber River Hospital in Ontario, told The Telegraph:

peanut butter

''These results add to emerging evidence that early peanut consumption during infancy can reduce the risk of peanut sensitisation later in childhood, and suggest this risk could be further reduced in breastfed infants by encouraging maternal consumption of peanuts during lactation.

''Both passive peanut exposure through breast milk and peanut introduction in the first year of life may decrease peanut sensitisation at age seven.''

Contrary to previous advice, research now shows that it is safe to eat peanuts and any food containing them during pregnancy – unless of course you have a peanut allergy or a health professional advises you not to.

So, there you go. Snack to your heart's content!