Breastfeeding help

Baby breastfeedingBreastmilk is good for your baby's health and bonding for you both. We've got advice on getting your technique sorted, dealing with minor and more major issues, feeding in public, expressing, going back to work, extended breastfeeding and weaning.

Breastfeeding advice

Newborn breastfeeding

Distilled Mumsnet advice about becoming adept at breastfeeding and coping with common initial problems.

Latching on tips

Baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is all about the latch – get it sorted and breastfeeding should be fairly plain sailing, but a poor latch can cause problems for you and your baby.


Baby biting hand

Blocked milk ducts, cracked nipples and mastitis are the more tricky – and painful – breastfeeding hurdles. But don't despair – there are things you can do, and help you can get.

Returning to work tips

Woman working and breastfeeding

If you're going back to work but want to try to continue breastfeeding, then read our tips on how to keep feeding going, and what to expect depending on your baby's age.

Baby weight gain

Red book baby record

It's difficult not to get slightly obsessed with the rate your baby is gaining weight when you're breastfeeding. Regain your perspective with our advice gleaned from other Mumsnetters.

Your diet while breastfeeding

Red cabbage

What you eat and drink passes through your breastmilk to your baby. We've got advice on which foods may upset your baby's digestion and could be worth avoiding.

Steriliser reviews

Avent steam steriliser

Before you shell out on a steriliser or breastpump, see which products other Mumsnetters rate, so that you get value for your money.

Chat about breastfeeding

Baby drinking from sippy cup

If you've got questions about breastfeeding, mixed feeding or bottlefeeding, there's a wealth of advice on Mumsnet Talk.