8 confidence-boosting tips for first-time parents

About to become a parent, or recently welcomed a newborn? Mumsnetters who've been there, done that, share their words of wisdom

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1. Remember: you're the expert


"Don't be afraid to ask for advice - but also don't be afraid to ignore that advice, and go with your instincts. Do what you feel comfortable with."

2. Comparison is not your friend 

"Try not to Google things or compare your child to others. Remember: every child is different."

3. Help is not a four letter word (although it actually is)


"If others offer let them help. If they don't offer, then don't be scared to ask for help."

4. "This too shall pass"


"Almost everything is a phase, and things change all the time. Not sleeping more than four hours, hating the bath, throwing food all over the house? This will pass."

5.  Sometimes, babies just ... cry


"If all else is OK with your baby, it may just be that they need a cry. Comfort them, rock them, sing calmly - but don't feel you have to stop it. Sometimes we feel like we have to fix everything, and it's an awful amount of pressure."

6. NOTHING is more important than sleep


"Sleep when the baby sleeps if you can, rather than trying to get things done - the housework can wait!"

7. Parents are allowed to get it wrong


"Don't panic if you make a mistake. Many of us have made them too, and our children survived!"

8. You're already doing an ace job

"Believe in yourself and your parenting skills. Confidence comes with time - but love and care will take you a long way."

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