Eight unexpected parenting tips that really work

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This whole parenting malarky isn't always easy – and we could all do with some reassurance now and again. Asda Little Angels asked Mumsnetters for the baby advice they received that really cut through the noise and made a difference

The design trick that most parents miss

“Baby vests have an envelope-style neck which means they can easily be removed by pulling downwards from the shoulders – brilliant to know in times of a dreaded poo-nami.”

Sometimes, basic is best

“I’ve discovered that good old hand soap is the best (and cheapest) way to remove poo stains.”

Books are not bibles

I am a genius

“My very wise 90-year-old neighbor told me to disregard the baby books because my child hasn’t read them, and to instead trust my instincts. Now I try to do what works for me and my baby – there’s no need to defend my choices.”

There's another (better) use for the space under the sofa

Baby changing with mum

“Keep a changing mat with nappies, wipes and cream under the sofa. It slides right out when you need it and slides neatly away again once you’re done.”

Don't forget the little moments

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“I was told to write down all the little milestones, like when they got their first tooth, when they first crawled and so on. It's been nice to look back on as my child has got older.”

Be strategic – especially when there is a toddler involved

Come back here

“If you have a baby and a toddler, always take the baby out of the car first before you get the toddler out – otherwise merry hell breaks loose as the toddler runs for it. Luckily, the baby can't run!”

Sleepless nights? Use this trick

Sleeping baby

“Stroking the nose is a great little trick for getting a baby to sleep!”

And, breathe…

I don't like tea, I like gin

“When it feels like it’s all getting a bit too much, make a big pot of tea and don't worry about doing anything until the pot is empty.”