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14 best store-cupboard recipes to try in 2022

Looking to reduce food waste and make meal and snack times easier? A streamlined store cupboard could be your answer. We round up the very best store cupboard recipes to try this year. 

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 17, 2022

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Reducing food waste is one of the best ways to live more sustainably, which Mumsnetters say can be done by carefully planning meals and keeping store cupboard essentials on hand for quick bites and batch cooking. As one user advises, “I cook by using what needs using and freezing spare meals - saves waste and time.”

But store cupboard recipes don't need to be tasteless or boring. Tinned tuna, coconut milk, oats and instant coffee are key to some delicious meals. Here are the top store cupboard recipes to try in 2022, as recommended (and taste-tested!) by Mumsnetters.

1. Banana and oat cookies

banana and oat cookies

If you've got some bananas you forgot about, this is a great snack using oats and brown sugar. A nutritious sweet treat.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

2. Store cupboard vegetable frittata

vegetable frittata

Simple, convenient and ready in less than 30 minutes, a frittata is a great way to use up any leftover veg. The ideal standby for those days when you’re lacking culinary inspiration. 

Store cupboard ingredients you need

3. Crispy chickpeas

crispy chickpeas

This makes a great light lunch on any day of the year. Serve over rice, with a salad or with toasted pita bread.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

4. Vegan brownies

vegan brownies

After a vegan sweet treat that uses as few ingredients as possible? Then look no further than these deliciously chocolatey brownies.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

5. Spanish-style lentils

spanish stew

This hearty Spanish dish is a great option for winter evenings when you're craving something comforting and filling.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

6. Pasta salad

pasta salad

Pack this one with staples – tinned sweetcorn, tinned beans, dry pasta – for a dish that tastes fresh and light.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

7. Thai red chicken curry

thai red curry

Coconut milk might sound exotic, but it's an eternally useful store-cupboard product. Mix with Thai curry paste for a tasty weeknight dinner or cook rice in it for a great accompaniment to Thai, Indian or Caribbean food.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

8. Coffee buns

coffee cakes

Some may turn their nose up at instant coffee, but if you're a fan of coffee cake, you're missing a trick. Super easy, tasty and a bit more sophisticated than your typical fairy cake.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

9. Honey and soy chicken with noodles

chicken noodles

Chances are you have everything except the chicken for this recipe in your store cupboard – and if you can get them, or have them to hand, some chilli, cashew nuts or vegetables would make a great addition.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

10. Sticky peanut butter flapjacks

peanut butter flapjacks

Another tasty oat-based sweet treat. You may well find everything you need for this except butter in your store cupboard already.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

11. Pesto jackets

pesto jacket potato

What would we do without trusty pesto? Whether it's a student kitchen or family kitchen, pesto is an absolute must for any store cupboard. This is a filling and imaginative alternative to pesto pasta or pesto salmon.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

12. Tuna patties

tuna patties

Store cupboard recipes don't need to be bean or pasta dishes and these tuna patties are the ideal light option to serve alongside some salad or vegetables. As many store cupboard ingredients can be carb heavy, tinned tuna is a good choice for anyone active who needs some extra protein.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

13. Pizza rice

rice in pan

We love pizza as much as the next person, but we also like a little variety. This pizza rice is the best of both worlds, keeping the children happy but giving you something a little different on a weeknight.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

14. Curried baked beans

curried beans

Serve over rice or with naan as a quick and easy curry alternative, or with chilli baked eggs for an Indian-inspired breakfast.

Store cupboard ingredients you need

What can I do with tinned tomatoes?

The original store cupboard staple, uses for tinned tomatoes are endless. While pasta sauce is the first thing that comes to mind, there's a lot more you can do. Try out this Spanish chicken recipe, or go Mexican with Chilli Con Carne.

What can I do with tinned fish?

Fresh fish is usually expensive with a short shelf life, so tinned fish is great to keep on hand. Anchovies add a salty umami punch to pasta, or try a tuna quiche with a salad for a light lunch.

What can I do with oats?

While we've used oats here for sweet treats, oats can be great for savoury meals too. If your children can't resist fish fingers, try oat-rolled fish for a healthier alternative.

What can I do with coconut milk?

Another versatile ingredient, having a few tins of coconut milk is always useful. You can try it sweet in coconut and lime cake, or savoury in coconut and lime chicken. However, it does work with a lot more than lime – coconut and cherry biscuits are delicious, as is slow-cooked coconut and ginger pork.

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When it comes to preparing tasty meal solutions, it’s more important now than ever to have some staples you can rely on in an emergency - think tins, jars, frozen or dried foods.

While those all important Cook's Ingredients can mean the difference between a bland or tasty dish, a good tip is to take stock of what you already have and look for some inspirational recipes to use it up: This will help you to waste less food, save money and add to your repertoire of tasty dishes.