Mumsnet in the Media: 2018


The weirdest Christmas gift requests parents have received, from a cloud to sellotape, Huffington Post, 24 December

Families booking Santa's grottos months in advance, as parents say the Christmas tradition has become 'absolute madness' Telegraph, 21 December

Forget the rows, I’m ready to celebrate cold turkey with the in-laws The Guardian, 21 December

Christmas is only going to get more expensive after Brexit – unless we stay New Statesman, 21 December

Santa’s grottos sold out by summer Financial Times, 21 December

80 per cent of youngsters in Greater Manchester aren't getting the free childcare they are eligible for Manchester Evening News, 19 December

The new rules of Christmas dinner: don’t ask for yorkshire puddings and always wear a party hat The Guardian, 18 December

Are teachers' Christmas gifts getting out of control? BBC, 17 December

My first phone: ‘It makes me feel grown up’ The Guardian, 14 December

Christmas Jumper Day: Who wins, retailers or charity? BBC, 14 December

Who’d be a mother at Christmastime? The Telegraph, 12 December

Marks and Spencer in new sexism row after being accused of 'normalising porn' with new Pornstar Martini canned cocktail Telegraph, 10 December

Marketing's got an old age problem City AM, 10 December

Female Investors and Crypto: 80% are familiar, Ripple is more popular than Bitcoin Business Telegraph, 7 December

The best apps for family bliss The Guardian, 7 December

Christmas ads should make us cry, but the BBC's was too close to the bone for working mothers Telegraph ,6 December

BBC One Christmas ad: heartwarming tale or lousy depiction of working mothers? Telegraph ,5 December

The great school holiday debate SecED, 5 December

Are £50 Christmas gifts too extravagant for teachers? We find ways to say thank you without being the school swot Telegraph, 4 December

How to protect your teenager's posture Telegraph ,4 December

Mum reveals how she explains to her kids why they don't have an Elf on the Shelf Heart, 3 December

Not to be a Grinch, but Christmas creates huge emotional labour for women Metro, 3 December

Health – What Is The Truth About Vaccines During Pregnancy? The Pool ,1 December


Constant sickness is not good news BMJ, 30 November

eToro and Mumsnet research reveals over half of Mums (55%) want to take control of their finances Business Telegraph, 30 November

Mumsnet launches its first surveillance satellite News Biscuit, 29 November

Is It Ever Okay To Charge Your Family For Christmas Dinner? Pretty 52, 29 November

Parents are loving Viking inspired baby names – some are VERY unusual Daily Star, 28 November

When is the right time to tell kids the truth about Father Christmas? Entertainment Daily, 28 November

A mother-in-law wants to charge her family £17 each for Christmas dinner Metro, 27 November

Is it ever OK to charge family for Christmas lunch? BBC, 26 November

Mother-In-Law Charging Family £17 Per Head For Christmas Dinner UniLad, 26 November

Advertisers have not kept up with the over-60s Financial Times, 23 November

The worst Christmas presents REVEALED! Spire FM 21 November

The Kids' Christmas Presents That Parents Secretly Want Themselves Huffington Post, 21 November

Five online communities you need to be part of The Upcoming, 20 November

Working parents are an absolute must for companies HR Zone, 20 November

Air pollution levels ‘forcing families to move out of cities’ The Guardian, 18 November

Anxious, lonely and addicted to porn: why have young people stopped having sex? Telegraph, 17 November

Mum sparks debate over whether children should give up seats for old people Indy100, 17 November

Sky Kids app accredited by Mumsnet Advanced Television ,15 November

Grinch Or Genius? Mum Proposes Not Telling Her Kids When It's Christmas Eve, Huffington Post, 15 November

From Pac-Mania to Fortnite fever: are video games becoming more addictive? The Guardian, 14 November

How Leeds mother is helping women to recover from impact of birth The Yorkshire Post, 14 November

Is it ever OK to steal from the breakfast buffet? The Guardian, 13 November

The hilarious childbirth confessions mums made about being in labour Liverpool Echo, 13 November

The Big First Birthday Party Debate – What To Do When Your Kids Turns One Huffington Post, 13 November

The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage – and will it make a difference? The Guardian, 13 November

Meet your Hero: Roanna Day meets Anna Kessel Red Online, 12 November

School calls mum for putting THIS biscuit in her child’s lunchbox Families Online, 12 November

Why the outrage over a 50-year-old woman having quadruplets? The only scandal is that she couldn't get IVF on the NHS The Independent, 9 November

School Calls Mum For Putting Biscuit In Her Child's Lunchbox – Parents Are Furious Huffington Post, 8 November

Greatest fear parents have for children is their mental health, poll finds Evening Standard, 8 November

'It can take time to bond with your baby': New mothers reveal what they wish they'd known BEFORE giving birth in VERY honest online thread Mail Online , 7 November

'No more peeling, chopping or boiling': Home cook reveals her 'cheater's guide' to the perfect mashed potato Mail Online, 6 November

The £1 cleaning product fans are STOCKPILING – because it started selling out after being championed by Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch Mail Online , 1 November


'Crack in system' lets parents scam their child into school, The Telegraph, 31 October

Research predicts Halloween retail spending to reach £367m Retail Technology Review, 30 October

Royal British Legion courts stars like Bear Grylls to front WWI centenary campaign Marketing Industry News, 30 October

The Royal British Legion: #ThankYou100 by Leagas Delaney The Drum, 30 October

Can experiential retail save the UK’s department stores? Retail Gazette 30 October

The Retail Age of the Aged Packaging Europe, 26 October

Audience targeting is the future of social media: Finalists for The Drum Social Buzz Awards 2018 revealed Marketing Industry News, 24 October

Make tea, tidy up and don’t outstay your welcome: the etiquette guide for visiting newborns The Telegraph, 18 October

Marketing to children: Millennials were tough enough, but what about their kids? The Drum, 18 October

Could it be Mac the Nice? McDonnell’s media makeover The Times, 18 October

Welsh parents owe thousands in school dinner debt BBC Wales, 18 October

John McDonnell attempts to reinvent himself Blog- The Spectator, 17 October

Should stay-at-home parents get free state pension credits? Mumsnet's JUSTINE ROBERTS says its users are divided Mail Online 16 October

Royal baby: Did announcement upstage Princess Eugenie's wedding? BBC, 15 October

Every Pregnant Woman Should Have The Right To Choose Who Is Present During Birth Without Judgement Huffington Post. 15 October

‘Brands should stop seeing age as a defining feature of the over-50s’ Marketing Week, 15 October

‘A Bounty rep tried to sell to me five times when I was in agony from giving birth’: Why is this still happening? iNews, 12 October

Mind the gender gap: Women train drivers Global Railway Review, 12 October

Swimming helps 1.4 million people with their mental health – I’m one of them iNews, 9 October

Women may no longer sacrifice their careers for their husbands, but they are still expected to for their children Independent, 8 October

Can you really tell a baby’s gender at 12 weeks, just from a scan picture? Metro, 8 October

Mother of London Bridge terror victim Sara Zelenak tells of grief at daughter's 'horrific' death and says therapy has not helped her and husband cope The Evening Standard, 7 October

Deloitte joins family-friendly employer initiative Economia, 4 October

‘Wifehood’ is not old-fashioned – here's why it matters The Conversation, 2 October

GCSE grade 9 'leaves pupils feeling stressed and stupid' TES, 1 October

Why birth stories matter Working Mums, 1 October


Lipstick and loss: the beauty fans fighting for their favourite discontinued products The Guardian, 30 September

Girls should start preparing for motherhood as young as 15, Royal College of Midwives says Telegraph, 29 September

Enough hothousing and homework — it’s time we taught our children how to talk to people in real life Evening Standard, 28 September

'I'll Smack You In A Minute': Tales Of The Savage Things My Toddler Says To Me Huffington Post, 28 September

Would You Want Your Mother-In-Law In The Delivery Room? Women Share Who Was By Their Side And Why Huffington Post, 27 September

Mum Who Wants To Change Daughter's Surname After Divorce Sparks Debate Huffington Post, 26 September

Mobile Marketing Programmatic Summit – what you missed Mobile Marketing Magazine, 26 September

'Childbirth Oversharing Has Put Me Off Having Kids', Grazia Daily, 25 September

Astute and laser-focused, John McDonnell can win a radical mandate for Labour The Guardian, 24 September

University of Sussex criticised for including sexist advert in freshers welcome packs Cosmopolitan (UK), 24 September

Prenatal depression ‘doesn’t lead to child behaviour problems’ Scotsman, 24 September

Why pregnant women could be relieved of “a particularly cruel condition” i news, 23 September

Mumsnet forums are a guilty pleasure, but there are truths too, The Guardian, 23 September

Labour plan to trigger early election 'within days' if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is defeated in parliament The Independent, 22 September

‘They are worried’: Labour activists FEAR a second Brexit vote, warns Corbynite journalist Express, 22 September

People are raging over ‘sexist’ beer mats given to University of Sussex students, Indy 100, 21 September

VCCP launches nationwide brand campaign for the Girls’ Day School Trust Marketing Communication News, 21 September

VCCP's The Girls’ Day School Trust Campaign Takes Female Potential to The Next level Little Black Book, 21 September

University of Sussex freshers given 'pornographic' beer mats BBC News, 21 September

‘Spit or swallow’ beer mats put in Sussex freshers’ welcome boxes The Tab, 21 September

Please stop telling women not to share their birth stories , Womans Tale, 20 September

Students found these beer mats in their welcome packs and it left a bad taste, The Poke, 20 September

Beer mats given to University of Sussex freshers condemned as ‘sexist’ Independent, 20 September

Sussex University branded sexist for ‘spit or swallow’ dental care beer mats Metro, 20 September

'We're in love but never have sex' BBC News, 20 September

Let the ruling classes tremble: John McDonnell loves Rich Tea biscuits The Guardian, 19 September

As Labour heads to conference, the scale of John McDonnell’s ambition is becoming clear The New Statesman, 19 September

Are you being trolled by your child's school? How to cope with communication overload… Telegraph, 19 September

Tell us about your difficult childbirth experiences The Guardian, 19 September

‘Yes he’s alive but I’m not OK’: the bloody truth about childbirth The Guardian, 19 September

Where leaders dare: how John McDonnell survived the Mumsnet forums The Guardian, 18 September

John McDonnell concerned second Brexit referendum ‘could give more traction to far-right groups i News, 18 September

How John McDonnell wooed Mumsnet Spectator, 18 September

John McDonnell: I hope Labour's next leader will be female The Guardian, 18 September

John McDonnell: Corbyn's son was appointed on merit BBC Online, 18 September

John McDonnell: I hope the next Labour leader will be a woman Politics Home, 18 September

Margaret Taylor: Childbirth is traumatic, but that’s part of our life stories Herald Scotland, 18 September

Sixty seconds on . . . tokophobia British Medical Journal (BMJ), 17 September

The Londoner: BBC discouraged maternity leave The Standard, 17 September

One in four parents encourage children to stream illegally Telegraph, 16 September

Politician’s wife says families received death threats on day Rees-Moggs were hounded
Conservative Home, 15 September

This is why we’re all so obsessed with stories of bridezillas Stylist, 14 September

Social Media Isn't Causing Fear Of Childbirth – We Need To Find Out Why So Many Women Are Still Having Traumatic Experiences Huffington Post, 14 September

Couples are staying together because they can’t financially afford to break up, Metro, 14 September

MP’s Wife on Mumsnet Gives Insight into harassment as MPs Emailed Death Threats, Guido Fawkes, 14 September

I was traumatised by childbirth. Online forums would have prepared me, Metro, 14 September

Women must keep talking about their experiences of childbirth – for everyone’s sake Huffington Post, 14 September

Put mums in charge to stop scare stories Metro, 14 September

If you have a phobia about giving birth, don’t get pregnant Telegraph, 14 September

Pregnancy phobia is driven by social media BBC 3 News, 13 September

After traumatising birth, I feel women should know the truth about labour Sky News, 13 September

Parenting forums like Mumsnet can ruin your life – is it any wonder women are terrified of childbirth? The Independent, 13 September

Do Parenting Forums Drive an Increase in Fear Around Childbirth? Huffington Post, 13 September

‘Mumsnet is fuelling childbirth phobias’ midwifery academic claims, London Evening Standard, 13 September

Don’t tell women to shut up about childbirth, Sharing stories Saves Lives, The Guardian, 13 September

Why I breastfed all three of my children until they were four, iNews, 13 September

Mumsnet and Facebook putting women off natural birth with 'tsunami of horror stories' The Independent, 13 September

Growing childbirth terror disorder 'fuelled by social media' The Guardian 13 September

Mumsnet is driving women to request cesarean sections Telegraph, 13 September

Third of middle-class parents know someone who used ‘ethically dubious’ tactics to gain school place The Independent, 12 September

Why social media could be increasing women’s fear of childbirth iNews, 12 September

What do students really eat? Planet Genius, 12 September

Parents Are Sharing The Ridiculous Reasons Their Kids Have Burst Into Tears Huffington Post, 12 September

Nineties baby names are making a comeback Metro, 12 September

What do students really eat? BBC News UK, 12 September

Staggered starts: does a slow 'settling in' process do more harm than good? The Telegraph, 11 September

Is it okay to watch adult TV on public transport if you’re sitting near a child? Metro, 10 September

Two-thirds of staff not allowed to kiss children in their nursery Day nurseries, 10 September

Majority of staff not allowed to kiss nursery children ITV News, 7 September

30 hours pre-school funding not enough to cover costs Education Business UK, 5 September

Videogames review: A dazzling insight into the 2 billion strong gaming community The Evening Standard, 5 September

The free childcare offer is driving nurseries to closure, claims report Big Issue, 4 September

30-hour childcare scheme leaves four in 10 nurseries at risk of closure Day Nurseries, 4 September

Seven out of ten Mumsnet users want a vote on the final Brexit deal The News Portsmouth, 4 September

Four in 10 childcare providers 'fear closure within 12 months' Children & Young People Now, 4 September

Nurseries risk closure due to government childcare policy Working Mums, 4 September

30-hour childcare: 4 in 10 providers fear closure in the next 12 months Nursery World, 4 September

Brexit divisions are getting bigger not smaller The Times, 3 September

Half of parents asked to pay extra fees for ‘free’ 30 hours childcare policy, survey finds Independent, 3 September

The 7 Hacks Parents Need To Make Those Back To School Mornings Go Smoothly Huffington Post, 3 September

How high earners can avoid a tax penalty on child benefit The Guardian, 1 September


Video games that encourage players to buy items to carry box warning Express Digest, 31 August

Parents feel guilt about child's lunchbox but can't ditch the crisps Day Nurseries, 31 August

Video games that encourage players to buy items will now carry a warning on the box The Daily Mail, 31 August

Should sports days be competitive? Talk Radio, 31 August

Is it illegal to leave your child alone in the car while you’re at a petrol station? Sheffield Telegraph, 31 August

People with depression use language differently – here's how to tell NZ Herald, 30 August

Pupils could be taught in larger classes and more temporary buildings amid ‘emergency’ shortfall of school places Independent, 30 August

'What Keeps Parents Of Newborns So Busy?' This Is What Mums Of Newborns Want You To Know Huffington Post, 30 August

Women are sharing their dating red flags to help others avoid bad relationships The Independent, 29 August

Structure your wardrobe: how to dress like an architect​ The Guardian, 29 August

10 Women On The Dating Red Flags You Should Never Ignore Women’s Health (Australia), 28 August

Perhaps MPs should add the odd novel to their reading lists… The Guardian, 25 August

Jack Monroe on the need for low-cost recipes, defeating Katie Hopkins and why her son doesn’t have unsupervised access to the internet iNews, 24 August

Is it okay to rename your child? ITV – This morning, 24 August

Fake news alert! The BBC’s Fleet Street drama needs a fact check London Evening Standard, 23 August

'It Was A Shadow Hanging Over My Whole Pregnancy' – We Need To Talk About The C-Section Postcode Lottery Grazia, 22 August

New Mum Wants 'Intrusive And Inappropriate' Bounty Reps Banned From Postnatal Wards Huffington Post, 22 August

Can I Breastfeed in It? Why a Facebook group for new mothers is the friendliest place on the internet The Guardian, 20 August

Cash, tickets or a sports car: GCSE rewards TES, 20 August

Would You Let A Stranger Hold Your Baby? Parents Give Their Response Huffington Post, 17 August

BBC Ideas six months on BBC Blogs, 17 August

Tesco is being called out for promoting a ‘family feast’ containing pizza, chips, and fried chicken – but no vegetables iNews, 16 August

Revealed: The most popular boys names around the world The Daily Star, 16 August

Is it ok to let young children try alcohol? – Here is what you said This is Local London, 13 August

Would you forgive a single kiss? ITV This Morning, 13 August

How to cope when your stand-in smashes it Financial Times, 12 August

Harry Kane tweet sparks hypnobirthing debate The Guardian, 10 August

Puppy Fat Or Problematic: Can A Baby Really Be Overweight? Huffington Post, 9 August

New initiative allows the public to locate loos on an online map The Daily Mail, 8 August

Why waiting lists for deodorants are the pits
The Guardian, 7 August

The best liquid eyeliner to make your peepers pop in seconds Marie Claire, 3 August

Harassed online for 13 years, the victim who feels free at last The Guardian, 3 August

So Jeremy Hunt is the Tories' capable one? Let's look at the evidence … The Guardian, 2 August


“Mummy’s guilty secret: The huge rise in women seeking help for marijuana addiction” You Magazine, 29 July

Rise of the marijuana mums: A hidden epidemic? The Daily Mail, 29 July

Club forums are a haven for football fans in an ever angrier online world The Guardian, 27 July

Enjoy it while the sun shines… TES, 27 July

Test, learn and partner: Mondelez on how to foster a culture of effectiveness Campaign Live, 25 July

Is It Safe For Babies To Sleep Outside During The Heatwave? Huffington Post, 25 July

What childbirth actually feels like, according to 8 mums Cosmopolitan, 24 July

Floral baby names are a hit with parents in 2018 – and even celebrities love the trend Daily Star, 24 July

Bridal boutiques are CHARGING women to try on wedding dresses The Daily Mail, 22 July

Welcome to 'The Hundred' and the ECB’s chamber of circular logic The Independent, 20 July

More parents worry about bad language online than about grooming or child sexual exploitation WiredGov, 20 July

This woman wants to change her 4 year old daughter’s name because it’s become too common Good Housekeeping, 20 July

My Traumatic Birth Didn't Put Me Off Having Another Baby, But It Made Me Rethink My Options Huffington Post, 20 July

More parents worry about bad language online than about grooming or child sexual exploitation Cambridge Network, 20 July

This woman wants to change her four-year-old daughter's name because it's become too common Harper’s Bazaar UK, 20 July

Which parent from the school Whatsapp group are you? The Daily Mail, 20 July

Parents and grandparents ‘most concerned about online bad language and trolling’ The Sunday Post, 20 July

Parents more concerned about bad language and online trolls than grooming, poll finds The Independent, 19 July

Why it's time to BackHer Campaign Live, 19 July

Killed By My Debt review Den of Geek, 18 July

Mum wants to change child’s name before she starts school – but faces backlash over reason why: 'Am I being unreasonable?' OK! Magazine, 18 July

Why are women’s boobs still seen as “inappropriate”? The Pool, 18 July

Rising holiday childcare costs hit parents across Cumbria CFM Radio, 18 July

Holiday childcare: ‘I’m lucky – my sister has my child’ Brexit News, 18 July

Working parents expected to shell out £134 a WEEK on childcare over summer holidays Mirror, 18 July

Parents in Tyne and Wear see summer holidays childcare costs rise again Metro Radio, 18 July

Mums face a difficult choice over parenting The Argus, 17 July

Why are so many women watching male gay porn? Metro, 12 July

Parents spend, spend. spend in summer holidays – then worry, study finds
iNews, 11 July

This is one of the most unpopular baby names of 2018 Daily Star, 10 July

England's World Cup hero Harry Maguire could have become accountant, former teacher reveals Telegraph, 8 July

A baby or your money back? It’s the perfect slogan for the IVF industry The Guardian, 8 July

Bride declares her wedding a 'football-free zone' as England play Sweden The Independent, 7 July

Everyone's Singing The 'Three Lions' Lyrics Wrong The Huffington Post, 7 July

How to survive the summer holidays, according to the experts – from dealing with children to work and finances iNews, 7 July

The best mattresses for keeping cool Which?, 7 July

Tech Tent – did Silicon Valley win the copyright war? BBC News, 6 July

Why the BBC and most politicians are wrong about ‘real’ British people and what they want iNews, 6 July

Kate Middleton’s secret account on this website revealed – Duchess writes under pseudonym Express, 6 July

Holly Willoughby makes baby announcement live on This Morning Hello Magazine, 5 July

Kate Middleton's secret Mumsnet account: All the clues the Duchess Of Cambridge uses the online chat forum to discuss parenting Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis OK! Magazine, 5 July

'Moneymooners' are choosing to spend wedding cash on paying off bills, survey reveals London Evening Standard, 5 July

Aisle keep the receipt: We reveal the weirdest wedding gifts people have received (and how to avoid making the same mistake Metro, 4 July

Are children safe on bouncy inflatables? BBC News, 3 July

Parents score low marks with dodgy gifts for Miss
Metro , 3 July

Thongs, lube and a stolen radio: Teachers reveal their worst end-of-year gifts Independent, 2 July

The worst end-of-term gifts for teacher BBC News, 2 July

“Thongs, spuds and lube: teachers' worst gifts ever” TES, 2 July


McDonalds makes big change to its Happy Meals after talking to mums Cambridge News, 28 June

Steep drop in number of childminders working in England branded 'simply unacceptable' Care Appointments, 28 June

McDonald’s makes big change to Happy meal menu in attempt to be “healthier” Daily Express, 27 June

McDonald’s are changing their Happy Meals to make them healthier Metro, 27 June

McDonald's making big change to Happy Meals from today Birmingham Mail, 27 June

McDonald's are changing Happy Meals – and there will be healthier options Liverpool Echo, 27 June

McDonald's are changing their Happy Meals – and they're becoming healthier The Mirror, 27 June

How I learned to love the three-generation holiday The Observer, 24 June

7 Sexist Moments In Parliament That Show The Problem Runs Much Deeper Than You Think Bustle, 18 June

Is it ok for Muslim parents to stop their kids having non-Muslim pals? The Spectator, 14 June

Mumsnet brings in tougher forum rules after transgender row The Guardian, 13 June

Mumsnet lays out guidance in trans rights vs free speech i News, 13 June

Opus Dei schools find a big market with Mumsnet generation The Times, 9 June

Why you should always wear trainers to work BBC Ideas: Habits of the Highly Successful, 8 June


Tesco removes 'best before' dates on some fruit and veg BBC News, 22 May

PODCAST: Mumsnet Founder Justine Roberts Discusses Why We Don't Need An Office Forbes, 14 May

Junk food ads to be banned across Tube, buses and trains in London The Telegraph, 11 May

Revealed: Plans to ban junk food ads on London Tube and TfL network Evening Standard, 11 May

Junk food adverts could be banned on London Underground in Mayor Sadiq Khan's plan fight child obesity The Mirror, 11 May

Junk food ads face ban on Tube and buses across London in bid to tackle 'ticking time-bomb' of obesity ITV News, 11 May

The Gender Recognition Act is controversial – can a path to common ground be found? The Guardian, 10 May

The demonisation of Mumsnet is just the latest incarnation of witch-hunting
New Statesman, 10 May

LIFESAVER FOR MUMS New and expectant mums will have access to specialist mental health services across UK by next April, the NHS has pledged The Sun, 8 May

NHS to make perinatal mental health available across England The Guardian, 8 May

Improved mental health care funding for new mums BBC News, 8 May

SUN SAVERS How to cope with kids’ pricey school trips The Sun, 6 May

An open letter to Sajid Javid: Amber Rudd made a promise to women about abortion care we expect you to keep i News, 3 May


Prince Louis: 14 things we've learned about the royal baby's name The Guardian, 27 April

Royal baby: William and Kate, you’re outnumbered now The Times, 24 April

Royal baby: 'New mums have so much unnecessary pressure' BBC News, 24 April

Gender treatment to delay puberty is putting healthy children at risk The Times, 23 April

WE'RE NOT KIDDING Good news Kate… This is why three is the magic number when it comes to kids, according to mums The Sun, 23 April

Parents share all the reasons why three is the magic number of children Metro, 23 April

How to get your child into the best state school: an insider's tips The Spectator, 21 April

Mumsnet reports itself to data regulator over transgender rights row The Guardian, 19 April

I knew I was right… The Spectator, 19 April

Political platitudes have masked cruel policies – time to stop swallowing them The Guardian, 18 April

If Mumsnet can stand up for free speech, why can’t MPs? The Spectator, 17 April

Primary school offer day 2018: Parents 'faking marriage breakdowns' to get children into top primary schools The Telegraph, 16 April

Need to know: National Primary School Offer Day TES, 16 April

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts: Transgender activists try to curb free speech on site The Times, April 15

SCHOOL'S OUT Mums have revealed the ’extraordinary’ lengths they go to to get their child into their preferred school The Sun, 15 April

Trans activists think debate is hate speech The Times, 14 April

Schools reject pupils living metres away as catchments shrink The Times, 14 April

Parents going to 'extraordinary lengths' to secure first-choice primary school, poll finds TES, 13 April

What sex for the first time after childbirth is really like – and it's not easy to hear The Irish Mirror, 10 April

How Social Media Has Empowered Women To Rewrite The Rules Huffington Post, 9 April

'I thought she would die': Mum's heartbreaking story of birth trauma that left her 'mentally scarred' and paranoid The Mirror, 5 April

Turns out parents really do have a favorite kid New York Post, 5 April

Youngest child most often parents’ favourite, survey finds Metro, 5 April

They really DO have a favourite! Most parents dote on their youngest child more than their siblings, research reveals Daily Mail, 5 April

The youngest child tends to be the favourite, study finds Good Housekeeping, 4 April

Birth trauma mother 'wanted to die' BBC News, 4 April

Mothers struggle with painful sex and incontinence months or years after babies are born, survey reveals
The Independent, 3 April

Over a THIRD of new mothers experience 'uncomfortable' sex for MONTHS after giving birth – and almost half have problems with continence The Daily Mail, 3 April

The Truth About Childbirth We Don't Talk About Enough Refinery 29, 3 April

Over a third of new mums put up with uncomfortable sex for months after giving birth
Metro, 3 April

Transgender row over sleeper train cabins The Times, 2 April

Trans equality will come, but it won’t be an easy journey The Guardian, 1 April

Mumsnet battle Churchill’s grandson over Caledonian Sleeper transgender policy The Scotsman, 1 April

Swim England’s advice on transgender swimmers torpedoed The Times, 1 April


I hate to admit it, but I confess that I have a favourite child The Times, 17 March

The youngest child really is parents' favourite
Prima, 16 March

The youngest child tends to be the favourite, study finds
Harper's Bazaar, 16 March

Do you have a favourite child?
The Jewish Chronicle, 16 March

Youngest child tends to be the favourite survey finds The Independent, 14 March

Parents tend to favour their youngest child, survey finds The Week, 14 March

So parents really DO have a favourite! Survey reveals mothers and fathers prefer their YOUNGEST child (but grandparents have a soft spot for the eldest)
MailOnline, 14 March

Nearly a quarter of parents admit to having a favourite child
iNews, 14 March

One in five teachers wrongly believe 'backdoor exclusions' are allowed, study finds The Independent, 13 March

'I was told I didn't look the part' – the funding gap preventing millions of women from starting their own business
The Telegraph, 8 March

Two thirds of British female business owners say they are still not taken seriously by investors, Telegraph poll reveals The Telegraph, 8 March

Research reveals that this Mother’s Day your mum would like you to leave her alone Metro, 5 March

Mums want more alone time this Mother's Day, survey reveals
The Evening Standard, 5 March

National Offer Day 2018: Headteachers warn parents' anxious wait is made worse by lack of secondary school places
The Independent, 1 March

Public Health England is using Amazon's voice assistant Alexa to be a ‘breastfeeding friend’ for new mothers'
Daily Mail, 1 March

World Book Day: 'Books must retain prominence in our children's lives – and that starts with parents reading to them' Times Educational Supplement, 1 March

World Book Day 2018: Parents told not to dress children up due to high expense The Independent, 1 March

Harassed parents lose plot over world book day costumes The Times, 1 March


8 Reasons why mums can never win on World Book Day The Telegraph, 28 February

World Book Day creates volumes of bother for some parents – survey The Northern Echo, 28 February

“World Book Day is a total hassle for parents” Cornwall Live, 27 February

“World Book day would be a lot better without costumes” Metro, 26 February

“World Book Day 2018 date and costume ideas” Daily Mail, 26 February

World Book Day creates volumes of bother for some parents – survey Irvine Times, 26 February


Why Is The Word 'Mum' Synonymous With Uncool? Refinery29, 20 February

McDonald's is not scrapping cheeseburgers in UK – but is making big menu changes Daily Mirrror, 15 February

McDonald’s is planning new ‘healthy’ Happy Meal as it scraps cheeseburgers The Sun, 15 February

A healthier option is being added to Happy Meals after McDonald's consults mums Derby Telegraph, 16 February

McDonald's turns to mums to find new Happy Meal item Leicester Mercury, 16 February

McDonald's is adding a new item to its Happy Meal menu after consulting Mumsnet Manchester Evening News,

McDonald's wants to give families £300 for designing its new menu Birmingham Live, 15 February

McDonald's has made big menu changes – including a 'healthier' Happy Meal Chronicle Live, 15 February

Shopping With Kids: Parents Share 7 Top Tips To Make It Easier Huffington Post, 15 February

A pedestrian crossing that lights up to reduce accidents Design Week, 14 February

'Hun, this could be your opportunity to get rich'
BBC, 14 February

Pancake Day Recipes: The Best Fillings For Kids As Chosen By Them Huffington Post, 12 February

The Magazine Interview: Terry Deary and Martin Brown, creators of Horrible Histories, on 25 years of the bestselling franchise The Sunday Times, 11 February

‘I’m a workaholic and it’s not healthy’: Paloma Faith on balancing music and motherhood The Daily Mail, 11 February

Jennifer O’Connell: Drop the phone, look your child in the eye Irish Times, 10 February

iPlayer box sets are taking the drama out of the BBC’s biggest shows Radio Times, 9 February

Entries open for The DevOps Industry Awards 2018 Software Testing News, 9 February

Dreams partners Mumsnet to create mattresses for parents The Furnishing Report, 7 February

Mumsnet and Dreams unite for new partnership Licensing Source, 7 February

Mumsnet partners with Dreams in search for the ‘ultimate mattress’ EPeak, 7 February

Mumsnet partners with Dreams in search for the ‘ultimate mattress’ Marketing Industry News, 7 February

Mumsnet and Dreams unveil strategic partnership
Marketing Communication News, 7 February
'Ransomware' Joins the Hallowed Pages of the OED Info Security, 7 February

Mumsnet gets into bed with Dreams to develop ultimate mattress for parents Campaign, 7 February

Mumsnet partners with Dreams in search for the ‘ultimate mattress’ The Drum, 7 February

Language and How You Speak Can Indicate Your Mental Health Teen Vogue, 5 February

New Mums Will Be Able To Access Counselling Via Skype In Perinatal Mental Heath Services Boost Huffington Post, 5 February


Parlez-vous Mumsnet? The modern parenting lingo replacing actual words The Telegraph, 31 January

A quarter of mothers are alone during labour: Women say they struggled to summon help and claim midwives do not take them seriously Daily Mail, 31 January

Hangry, mansplaining, and lactivism added to Oxford Dictionary ZME Science, 31 January

OED adds 'babymoon' and 'helicopter parenting' to the dictionary after consulting Mumsnet The Telegraph, 30 January

OED turns to Mumsnet for new words The Times, 30 January

The Word 'Hangry' Has Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary Lad Bible, 30 January

Hangry and ransomware added to Oxford English Dictionary BBC, 30 January

OED's new words include 'mansplaining' but steer clear of 'poomageddon' The Guardian, 30 January

Mansplaining and hangry added to the Oxford English Dictionary Evening Standard, 30 January

‘Me time’ and ‘mansplaining’ among phrases added to dictionary The Scotsman, 30 January

Oxford English Dictionary's latest words include snowflake and mansplaining Express, 30 January

Mansplaining, snowflake and hangry – the new entries in the Oxford English Dictionary Yahoo! News, 30 January

Mansplaining, ransomware and snowflake added to Oxford English Dictionary Metro, 30 January

New Oxford English Dictionary entries draws from online culture SBS News, 30 January

Snapshot of British teenagers: Half of 14-year-olds have started drinking while a third say they have physically assaulted someone else Daily Mail, 24 Jan

Camfed raises £2m to help more girls out of poverty trap Business Weekly, 24 Jan

Flu fear: Two thirds of Britons fear catching killer flu strains Daily Star, 16 January

GCHQ is using this puzzle to recruit aspiring female spies – do you have what it takes to crack it? International Business Times, 16 January

Fifth of councils finding it harder to offer parents their first-choice primary school place for their children The Sun, 12 January

Fewer parents get preferred primary school place in a fifth of areas Tes, 12 January

Salary Survey 2018: Wellbeing and the future of work Marketing Week, 11 January

7 key factors for parents when buying a new car Belfast Telegraph, 11 January

Dacia And Mumsnet Reveal Key Factors For Parents Fleetpoint, 10 January

Mayor of London launches early years hubs across Barnet Time Series, 10 January

Mayor launches early years hubs to boost childcare for disadvantaged families Nursery World, 9 January

I Almost Lost My Arm Because Of Antibiotic Resistance Huffington Post, 9 January

Mortgage brokers must do more to improve consumer financial literacy – Habito Mortgage Solutions, 9 January

Viewers give thumbs-up to new Derry Girls sitcom The Irish Times, 6 January

Award-winning Suffolk writer’s radio comedy starring Jonna Lumley and Roger Allam challenges stereotypes of ‘babyboomer’ couples East Anglian Daily Times, 3 January

Resolutions to make you a better parent in 2018 Cornwall Live, 2 January

What new snack guidelines from England’s public health authority work out to in actual snacks Quartz, 2 January

Public Health England hoping to reduce children’s sugar intake in £4.5m Change4Life campaign The Drum, 2 January

Public Health England: Cut your children's sugar to TWO treats a day The Express, 2 January

Limit children's snacks to 100 calories, health body says BBC News, 2 January

New Year babies in Northern Ireland provide perfect start to 2018 Belfast Telegraph, 2 January

Sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks 'fuelling obesity epidemic among children' Sunderland Echo, 2 January

Limit children to two sugary snacks a day, parents told The Guardian, 2 January

Half the sugar children consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks Rochdale Online, 2 January

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