Mumsnet Giving Week in partnership with JustGiving - why we're doing it


"One of the great things about Mumsnet is how much our members support each other in times of need. We wanted to recognise some of the external organisations and charities that have also offered invaluable support and advice by having a week where we shine a light on them, encourage those who can to donate, and put something in ourselves too." - Justine Roberts, Mumsnet CEO and Founder

In 2014, we launched Giving Week - a week-long fundraising drive powered by the huge Mumsnet community. Users nominated organisations that are dedicated to making a difference in people's lives, and five were chosen - two fantastic charities and three inspiring community projects whose focus ranged from domestic violence to behavioural disorders.

After seven days of donations, Mumsnet HQ matched the amount raised to collect a total of £22,604.86 for the five causes.

In 2015, we're doing it again. Another chance to raise up to £25,000 for five new causes that Mumsnetters have chosen. Find out more about the organisations we're fundraising for this year. And see how you can donate through JustGiving during Giving Week (8-14 June).

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If you can't donate, don't worry: instead, help us spread the word via Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #MNGiving).  

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