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Gina Ford vs Mumsnet

Back in 2006, lawyers for parenting expert Gina Ford demanded that Mumsnet be shut down. Here's a quick recap of the saga and the media coverage.


I found myself once again ignoring the children so I could log on to Mumsnet Josephine Wall, The Guardian, October 2006

On Mumsnet even seemingly innocuous subjects such as "Should you feed your child grapes when going round the supermarket?" can provoke impassioned debates Justine Roberts, The Sunday Times, August 2006

Mumsnet is a parenting phenomenon whose popularity is fuelled by home access to the internet and the decline of the extended family Sunday Telegraph, August 2006

We could lose our home over a young mum's joke Alison Roberts, Evening Standard, 27 February 2007

Gina Ford, the baby-raising guru known as the Queen of Routine because of her strict rearing methods, has hit back at critics... The Herald, February 2007

Ms Ford has demanded a public apology from the parenting website Mumsnet Jeevan Vasagar, The Guardian, February 2007

As the baby-raising guru prepares to sue her many critics, a fascinating insight into her childhood Elizabeth Day, The Mail on Sunday, 25 February 2007

A row has erupted between parenting guru and bestselling author, Gina Ford, and Mumsnet, a leading online parenting community... Child and Adolescent Mental Health Bulletin, September 2006

The curious case of, a community site for parents, versus Gina Ford The Observer, 20 August 2006

She (Gina Ford) is currently getting very strict with a popular website, Rod Liddle, The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006

Ford declared herself so deeply distressed by complete and utter strangers' badinage that she...tried to shut down a site that 250,000 people use each month to seek and offer advice and help to parents India Knight, Sunday Times, 13 August 2006

Gina Ford, the maternity nurse who rose to fame by selling parents strict routines for babies, is trying to discipline a mothers' website, Mumsnet Camilla Cavendish,  The Times, 12 August 2006

Gina Ford threw a tantrum and launched her bizarre attempt to shut down the Mumsnet website Ben MacIntyre, The Times, 11 August 2006, a website used by thousands of mothers to pass on tips and advice, has this week been forced by Gina Ford's lawyers to remove its negative postings about the childcare expert Lorna Bradbury, The Daily Telegraph, 10 August 2006

Gina Ford is a respectable baby expert, not a Middle Eastern terrorist Catherine Bennett, The Guardian, 10 August 2006

Gina Ford, 'the Queen of Routine', the so-called childcare guru and author of The Contented Little Baby, is definitely not a happy bunny Yvonne Roberts, The Independent, 10 August 2006

Childcare guru Gina Ford says she is not seeking to close down the Mumsnet website The Register, 10 August 2006, Lucy Sherriff

Mumsnet has asked users to avoid any mention of Ford but commented that doing so was "a bit like barring discussion of Manchester United from a football phone-in" Damien Whitworth, The Times, 9 August 2006

Baby expert Gina Ford has threatened legal action over "gross personal attacks" about her on a website for mothers Denise Winterman, BBC News Magazine, 9 August 2006

Ford has become so irate about being criticised on a parenting website, Mumsnet, that her lawyers have demanded that it should be disabled because it is 'defamatory' Sarah Ebner, The Times, 9 August 2006

Gina Ford is threatening to sue UK parenting site Mumsnet and its ISP The Register, 9 August 2006, Lucy Sherriff

A high-profile childcare expert has become embroiled in a dispute with a parenting website after her lawyers demanded its closure amid allegations of defamatory comments Dan Sabbagh, The Times, 8 August 2006

Miss Ford claims messages posted by users of amount to defamation and wants the site taken off the Internet Gordon Rayner, Daily Mail, 8 August 2006

Gina Ford, the baby expert whose advice is either loved or loathed by parents, has demanded the closure of a popular internet site for mothers after it published what she claims to be defamatory comments about her The Daily Telegraph, 8 August 2006, Sally Pook

Lawyers acting for the author and former maternity nurse have moved to "disable" - a site run part-time by seven mothers Hugh Muir, The Guardian, 8 August 2006

In just a few years, Mumsnet has become a lifeline for 60,000 mothers looking for advice on everything from how to deal with a miscarriage to childcare and going back to work... Terri Judd, The Independent, 8 August 2006

Childcare guru Gina Ford has threatened to shut down an Internet site used by 250,000 mothers because of a series of allegedly libellous attacks made against her...  Gulf Times, 8 August 2006



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